Israel’s Army: From Global Ranking to Weaponry and Equipment Statistics

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Israel's Army: From Global Ranking to Weaponry and Equipment Statistics

Israel’s military from global ranking to weapons and equipment statistics

According to Iran Gate’s report, Israel is one of the few countries where all citizens are required to undergo military service. According to statistics published at the end of 2022, the Israeli army had over 170,000 personnel and about 300,000 reservists. Therefore, it can be said that the Israeli army ranks 28th in terms of active personnel, making it one of the largest armies in the world.

The recent extensive military confrontation between Israel and Hamas has led to unprecedented attacks by the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip. Additionally, the entry of Israeli forces into the northern parts of Gaza is imminent. As announced by the Israeli army, once the order to attack is issued by the government, the operation will be carried out. This raises the question of the true power of the Israeli army and the military capabilities it possesses in the Middle East.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are a collection of combined armed forces in Israel, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The mission of the IDF is to preserve the territorial integrity of Israel, protect the country’s independence, and thwart the efforts of enemies to disrupt normal life within Israel.

The Israeli Army has been introduced as the 28th largest army in the world in 2022. There are a total of 169,500 active personnel in the Israeli Army, but the total number of personnel, including active and reserve forces, is over 465,000. Reserve forces are not stationed in barracks and military centers, but they are called upon to join active forces in times of necessity. The military budget of Israel is also significant, amounting to approximately $25 billion, which has made the IDF one of the most well-equipped military forces in the world.

All Israeli citizens over the age of 18 are required to serve in the country’s army for a period of 24 to 32 months. However, some citizens, including religious scholars, disabled individuals, physically impaired individuals, religious women, and non-Jewish residents of Israel, are exempt from military service. Overall, it can be said that military service is mandatory for all men and women in Israel, with a duration of 32 months for men and 24 months for women.

Weapons and Equipment of the Israeli Army

When it comes to military equipment, the Israeli army is considered one of the top 10 powerful armies in the world. With a population of 9.6 million, the Israeli army comprises over 5% of the country’s population. As mentioned before, the IDF is regarded as one of the strongest military forces in terms of weaponry.

1. Ground Forces

Approximately two-thirds of the IDF forces are members of the Israeli Army’s Ground Forces. This branch of the army is recognized as one of the most powerful ground forces in the world. The weaponry available to these forces includes tanks and motorized units. The motorized units in the Israeli Army consist of over 53,000 armored vehicles and motorcycles. However, when it comes to Israeli tanks, we encounter the unique name Merkava, which signifies the Israeli Army’s capability in manufacturing military equipment.

In general, the army of this country utilizes around 2,700 tanks, including 615 heavy Merkava tanks specially designed for extensive firepower, and over 2,060 light Merkava tanks at the disposal of the Israeli Ground Forces. It is also said that the Israeli Ground Forces possess over 500 attack drones and approximately 300 reconnaissance drones. However, there is no certainty regarding the statistics related to drones, but the estimates provided by experts have a relative consensus.

2 Air Forces

The Israeli Air Force is one of the most equipped air forces in the world. In addition to having access to foreign equipment and weapons, advanced aircraft are also employed by the Israeli army, which are built by experts employed by the country’s military.

The IDF Air Force benefits from having over 680 military aircraft, of which 345 are military jets. The remaining aircraft are bombers, cargo transporters, and reconnaissance planes. The military jets of this country include 196 F16 aircraft, 83 F15 aircraft, and 36 advanced F35 jets, all of which are made in the United States.

In total, the Israeli Air Force has 142 military helicopters, of which 43 are Apache helicopters. The other 99 helicopters consist of various other military helicopter models, most of which are said to be made in Israel. Additionally, the Israeli Air Force likely has around 400 drones at its disposal, which are made by the Israeli army.

3 naval forces

Due to its location on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel naturally feels a strong need to have a well-equipped naval force. Therefore, this branch of the Israeli military also utilizes advanced equipment and weaponry. Among these, there are 5 advanced submarines known as the Dolphin class submarines. These diesel-electric submarines, built by the Israeli Navy, are considered one of the most powerful destructive capabilities among their counterparts worldwide.

The Israeli Navy’s coastal guard utilizes a total of 49 patrol boats. This branch of the Israeli army has over 65 warships and 15 support and auxiliary vessels of various types, mainly manufactured by the United States, Germany, Britain, and Israel. The Israeli naval vessels, both combat and support, belong to the Sa’ar class series, which includes generations 2, 3, 4, and 45. It is still unclear how many warships the Israeli Navy possesses, but it is said that Israel’s capability in building warships is also noteworthy.

Missile Forces

It is said that Israel is the most powerful missile force in the entire Middle East and West Asia. The variety of Israel’s army missiles is not significantly greater than that of its competitors, according to experts. The missile force of the Israeli army includes missiles such as the Jericho 2 and Jericho 3 models, the Patriot, Gabriel, Tamir, and LORA, all of which are considered baseline missiles. It should be noted that the Jericho 2 and 3 missiles are specifically designed to carry atomic bombs, and it is estimated that Israel has 80 to 200 nuclear warheads ready to launch. However, there is no accurate information available about the number of other types of missiles in the Israeli army, and no precise statistics have been published by any reliable sources.


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