From Norbakhsh to Abdolmaleki: Iran on the Verge of Economic Collapse Part 2

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From Norbakhsh to Abdolmaleki: Iran on the Verge of Economic Collapse Part 2

From Norbakhsh to Abdolmaleki, Iran is on the verge of economic collapse

According to Iran Yat Government’s report, from Norbakhsh to Abdolmaleki, Iran is on the verge of economic collapse. It has been learned by everyone that relying on the concept of Islamic economy can lead to a catastrophic disaster in the realm of governance. This disaster has occurred due to the poverty of academic and theoretical knowledge within the government, unlike previous periods when the government had access to this intellectual movement. There is almost no way back for the country.

These days, the comparison between the managers of the government under Ebrahim Raisi and the ministers and managers of past eras in Iran is a very hot topic. However, the problem is not that managers like Mohsen Norbakhsh are stronger in terms of personal capabilities than the government officials of the thirteenth government under the presidency of Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi. Many believe that the government of Ebrahim Raisi not only faces a shortage of competent managers but is also devoid of substance, and its biggest problem lies here.

Iran Gate has addressed the fundamental weaknesses of the thirteenth government in a two-part investigation. This report is the second part of this investigation, which focuses on the weakness of Ebrahim Raisi’s government’s economic team.

In the face of the astonished eyes of the people

It is not a day that the decisions and statements of the officials of the thirteenth government do not astonish the public. These opinions are so simplistic and commonly discussed that they don’t even go beyond the conversations in bakeries and taxis. What is even more concerning is that these populist statements are not limited to members of parliament or high-ranking government officials. Even the empty and meaningless speeches of Ibrahim Raisi will not surprise and worry the audience as much as the statements of middle-ranking government officials.

Nevertheless, this scene is unfolding before the eyes of the people, leaving the public opinion speechless and bewildered. The result of this weak and disastrous performance of the Raisi government is the loss of people’s trust in the effectiveness of the Islamic Republic system. This trust had already suffered severe damage in various periods, but with the emergence of incompetent government officials, it has received the harshest blow.

The reins are in the hands of middle-ranking officials.

It is well known that the burden of managing countries and governing structures always falls on middle managers, who are appointed by the president through an intermediary and work as deputy ministers at the highest level. This is why it is said that the direction of governments in different governance systems practically lies in the hands of middle managers.

The prevalence of the virus of inefficiency in the body of the country’s management

As mentioned, the role of middle managers in the country is very prominent, and in fact, this part of the country’s management body can be the cause of the success or failure of governments. However, in Iran, it has been customary that with a change of government, the composition of middle managers also undergoes extensive changes. This is in contrast to developed countries where such an approach does not exist, and middle managers endure minimal changes as much as possible.

However, with the arrival of the Ibrahim Raisi government in 2021, we were not only witness to the repetition of the trend of bus-like changes in the country’s management body, but also unprecedented purges among middle managers and even lower ranks of the government. Perhaps the extensive changes in the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance can be considered as the main symbols of this approach in the thirteenth government.

On the very first days of his appointment as the Minister of Welfare, Hojjatollah Abdolmaleki announced a widespread purification of managers and even employees of this ministry. In the autumn of 2021, he had announced the dismissal of more than 800 senior and lower-ranking managers, and had also promised to dismiss another 400 managers in this field in the coming weeks.

The Ministry of Guidance did not undergo any changes on the scale of the Ministry of Welfare, but the Minister of Guidance, Ebrahim Raisi, had recently announced extensive changes among the managers of this ministry. He also unveiled the employment of 400 young, revolutionary, and Hezbollah-affiliated forces, which faced public backlash on social media networks.

If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind.

It has long been said that if you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. The result is the destructive approach of Ebrahim Raisi and his appointed ministers in terms of extensive and unprecedented changes and the current economic situation. On the other hand, political and social divisions in the country have deepened, and many fault lines, such as the issue of hijab, have become active. But clearly, the government’s management team is so inefficient in the field of economy that they are even powerless to solve the smallest livelihood problems of the people.

However, in this part of the discussion, Noghabi should be referred to the first part of this file, which addressed the theoretical poverty of the government of Ebrahim Raisi and emphasized the emptiness of the Islamic economic manifesto. When ministers and the president do not have a powerful discourse in the field of country management, the country will undoubtedly face problems. However, when things come to delicate matters, such a poor government takes action to purge middle and lower-level managers.

Because the quality of appointments in lower ranks, such as deputy ministers, has gradually decreased, and practically, in the final circles of the country’s management chain, we will witness the presence of incompetent individuals, which is now clearly visible in the Raisi government. This very issue has taken the country’s future hostage. In other words, it can be said that Ebrahim Raisi sowed the wind in the summer of 2021, but it is not only him and his allies who will suffer the consequences, but also the Iranian people who will have to bear the cost of the rule of incompetence on the country.

From Nourbakhsh to Abdolmaleki, Iran is on the verge of economic collapse.


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