Yesterday, the Islamic Republic competed with the Communists and today with the Taliban

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Yesterday, the Islamic Republic competed with the Communists and today with the Taliban

Yesterday, the Islamic Republic was competing with the Communists, and today with the Taliban.

According to Iran Gate, after the Taliban’s recent takeover, it has been completely verified that there has been little change in the regressive views of this group. A group of hardliners within the country, who consider this reactionary movement as an authentic regional movement, now seem to have no language to express their opinions.

The Taliban has returned to its initial settings and, taking advantage of the world’s indifference, has resumed its previous behavior towards women. In its latest guidelines, it has stated that headscarves are not enough and women must wear burqas.

Every day, they impose new restrictions, and the impoverished and oppressed society of Afghanistan has no choice but to submit and obey. Two years ago, when some believed that the Taliban’s return to power after 20 years of exile and hiding would bring about changes in their behavior and adapt to new requirements.

On the other hand, since the reformists had also taken control of the government in Iran, there was optimism that if the Taliban reconsidered, it could be said that even they have changed. And if they did not reconsider, the internal forces should be cautious, as when the Taliban does such actions, it is not a revolutionary Shiite beauty with democratic rhetoric that can be accused of similarity with them. However, this optimism seems to have been a mistake, as it appears that some are willing to align with the Taliban’s course, especially when it comes to being stricter than them towards women.

The historical reality is that a significant part of the negative events of the 1979 revolution, such as confiscations, executions, and occupations, were also caused by competing and racing against Marxists and leftists. It is also possible that because the Fedayeen Khalq twice occupied the US Embassy and Consulate in Tabriz, Muslim forces, who did not want to lag behind them, occupied the US Embassy in Tehran and included the title of Muslim in their name, which at that time was the opposite of communism, not Judaism or Christianity.

The rush in executions was due to pressure from the Communists, and ironically, the Fedayeen and Mojahedin had more urgency in executing the Pahlavi generals than the Muslim forces of the interim government. This was because the generals were accused of being right-wing and leaning towards capitalism. The nationalization of banks became a pioneer in order to eliminate this influence, even though the owners of private banks had fled the country or were in debt, and the government and Revolutionary Council had no solutions other than determining the fate of depositors’ rights. However, there was also fear of Communist mockery.

The result of the competition with the Communists to prove that we are more anti-American and anti-capitalist has created a situation where the President’s fundamentalist sleep has been taken away, and they expect inflation to be controlled without turning off the money printing machine. If there were mistakes in dealing with the Communists in revolutionary and semi-revolutionary behaviors, the first mistake is to deal with the Taliban in order to restrict social freedoms and limit or threaten women’s rights.

The reason why the Taliban seeks to turn Afghanistan into Pashtunistan and suppress and expel Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Hazaras is because the Taliban followers are actually after promoting Pashtuns and using Islam as a cover for this idea. Although the Taliban has influence and strongholds among the Pashtuns, who make up half of Afghanistan’s population, their words hold sway in half of Afghan society.

We had hoped that the behavior of the Taliban would discourage any similar actions in Iran. But it seems that history is destined to repeat itself in a different form. If in 1979 they aligned with the Communists to tell them that we are against capitalism, and then destroyed industries in practice, and wherever they took power, they brought only debt and hardship. Even in sports, we see the consequences, such as the confiscation of clubs and resources.

Now, it seems that some people want to say that we are more Islamic than the Taliban, even if it leads to negative reactions in society against anti-women sentiments. While it is enough for them to engage with the community instead of relying solely on television propaganda bombardment, to see how Iranians, who were not and have not become communists, have no relative affinity with Taliban ideologies. Let us remember that it was Islamic Talaqani who dragged people to the streets, not Islamic Taliban.

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