If Hassan Khomeini is not going to bring any change to society, why should people vote?

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If Hassan Khomeini is not going to bring any change to society, why should people vote?

If elections are not going to bring any change, why should society bother to vote?

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini said that whatever the people say, it must be obeyed, even if it’s wrong.

Our intellectuals and activists are not speaking out because their positions have been censored due to comments and likes.

Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, in a meeting with members of the Solidarity Party, stated that elections are only elections if they lead to change; otherwise, they are not elections.

Elections are only meaningful when people feel that their lives will be different if they participate. Otherwise, why should society vote if there won’t be any change, even if time goes by?

Even in a choice between bad and worse, society chooses the bad option, but only if the possibility of change exists. The majority of responsibility for the conditions that determine elections lies with the executors and observers of the elections.

If they want the elections to be enthusiastic, which is the best scenario and truly saves the country from all crises, they must allow the elections to be a source of change.


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