Corruption Ups and Downs in the Shamkhani Family – Part 4

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Corruption Ups and Downs in the Shamkhani Family - Part 4

Corruption within the Shamkhani family

According to Iran Gate, one of the most important links in global mafia networks is the circle responsible for money laundering within the Shamkhani family. This circle has been involved in the corruption case within the Shamkhani family, with specific individuals and locations playing a central role. Investigations into these circles indicate that Hossein Shamkhani has been overseeing extensive money laundering operations and personally directing this field.

This section of the corruption case within the Shamkhani family focuses on exposing the money laundering circles within the mafia network of Hossein Shamkhani. There are key figures in this field who have not been publicly identified in the media. In the fourth part of this case, information about these individuals is revealed, aiming to shed light on various aspects of money laundering for the audience.

The corruption ring within the oil industry

The main focus of money laundering in the Islamic Republic is on exchange offices operating in Iran and the surrounding countries. Among them, three major exchange offices are mentioned, with the most important one being the Tehriri family exchange office, which brings in money from underground oil exports.

As mentioned in part two of the corruption file of the Shamkhani family, the scope of activities of the Shamkhani mafia group is very extensive. This group requires collaboration from other circles in various fields, including money laundering. According to documents published by Saeed Aganji, the focus of money laundering activities of this mafia group is established in the Khuzestani Mosque, also known as the Vazir Mosque, in Tehran.

This mosque, located on Vazir Street, southeast of Saee Park, is one of the mosques where Khuzestani residents in Tehran gather. Although its official name is Vali Asr Mosque, it is known among Tehran citizens as Vazir Mosque.

From Vazir to Dubai, the command rooms of money laundering

As mentioned, the Vazir Mosque in Tehran is known as the command room of the Shamkhani mafia group. Observations also indicate the connection of this group with security institutions in this mosque. However, the majority of meetings have taken place between the Shamkhani and Tehriri families, as well as Ali Rahbar Modani, both inside and outside Iran. These meetings, reported between Hussein Shamkhani and Ehsan Tehriri, as well as Ali Rahbar Modani, indicate the importance of Vazir Mosque and the United Arab Emirates in the activities of this mafia group.

According to the documents available to Iran Gate, it can be said that the UAE, as an external command center for the Shemkhani Mafia, plays a role.

The Sad Brothers

A closer examination of the published documents about Hossein Shemkhani’s activities in the UAE reveals the direct involvement of several other individuals, the most important of whom are two brothers named Ali and Mustafa Madzoon. The evidence related to personal accounts in the Emirates NBD Bank shows that citizens of East Asian countries are also involved in this case.

However, based on these same documents, it can be claimed that the role of Ali and Mustafa Madzoon has been much more prominent than others. It should be noted that these two brothers are the sons of Abbas Madzoon, one of the well-known commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Although this family is engaged in activities related to the sale of petrochemical and steel products, as well as money laundering, in collaboration with the Amrayi family, they have orchestrated extensive money laundering activities in the Shemkhani Mafia corruption case.

The Civil Leadership Family

Among the most important links to money laundering is collaborating with the Shemkhani gang. Ali Rahbarmadani and Mohammadreza Rahbarmadani have recently purchased multiple properties in Italy worth tens of millions of dollars. These two individuals are also connected to the money laundering ring of the Shemkhani gang in the United Arab Emirates. However, they are also involved in extensive activities related to selling oil.

As previously mentioned, the connection between the Rahbarmadani family and the Shemkhani dynasty is not limited to money laundering for the Shemkhani mafia. The patriarch of the Rahbarmadani family, who has a long-standing relationship with Ali Shemkhani, is among the individuals who play the biggest role in selling Iran’s underground petrochemical products abroad.

Katrina Rahbarmadani

An interesting point to note is the role of the Russian bride of the Rahbarmadani family in their money laundering activities. According to information released by Saeed Aganji, Katrina Nikolayeva, a Russian national, is the bride of the Rahbarmadani family. A photo of Katrina and Ali Rahbarmadani has also been published on Aganji’s Twitter account.

The civil leader brothers and the Russian bride of this family have obtained residency in countries such as France, Italy, and England in order to expand their activities in circumventing sanctions and money laundering. Reports have been published regarding the purchase of a large number of apartments and properties throughout Europe by members of this family, which are closely related to the corruption case of Hossein Shemkhani and the overall corruption gang of the Shemkhani family.

Smuggling goods and currency from within the Ministry of Ministers

In the documents that have been published so far regarding the corruption of the Shemkhani family, the civil leader family can be mentioned as the main partner of this family. As mentioned earlier, the United Arab Emirates is known as the center for directing the money laundering activities of this family, but the Ministry of Ministers is the main center of the Shemkhani family, and the entirety of this gang is directed from this mosque.

According to the published information, the Ministry of Ministers in Tehran has been introduced as the center for directing the Shemkhani gang. This mosque, which has been the place of movement for the Shemkhani and civil leader families, as well as a source of information and security, currently plays the most important role in the corruption case of the former secretary of the Supreme National Security Council’s family in the oil sector.

Reports have revealed that Iran Gate has obtained information about the smuggling of goods and currency through the mosque ring. One of the key players in this smuggling network is Abbas Mahzoon, who has been appointed as the head of the Foundation for Combating Goods and Currency Smuggling during Ibrahim Raeisi’s government. Abbas Mahzoon plays a crucial role in managing his activities in this network through his sons Ali and Mustafa, by circumventing sanctions.

In the next part of the corruption case involving the Shamkhani family, the continued money laundering activities in this mafia network and the close ties of its members with security institutions are discussed.

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