The sustainable coup artery against the regime – Part 2

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The sustainable coup artery against the regime - Part 2

The Stable Coup Artery against Raeisi

According to Iran Gate, the strategic network organization known as the Sherian Party, which is referred to as the Stable Coup Artery, has created a rumor that the super-revolutionaries are rising to seize parliamentary seats, with 6 months left until the twelfth parliamentary elections.

The first part of the Sherian Stable Coup Artery file, which focuses on the network dynamics of the strategic network organization known as Sherian, was discussed.

This report, which is the second part of this file, analyzes the goals of the stable movement and the reasons for the formation of the Sherian Party. The party, founded on August 1, 2023, is considered by many analysts as the starting point for political competition between radical conservatives, moderate centrists, and supporters of stability. This competition has intensified existing differences and deepened existing rifts within the ruling faction, and it seems that the closer we get to the parliamentary elections, the hotter it will become.

All roads lead to the Spring Garden.

Looking at the composition of the Central Council of the Shoraye Shariean alliance reminds the audience that most of the members have been elected from representatives of previous terms of the parliament or city councils in Tehran or other cities. These representatives have been associated with the most radical faction in the country, namely the Stability Front, and have recorded radical actions.

Among the 31 members of the Central Council of the Strategic Network of Islamic Revolution Supporters and the 9 alternate members, all have been chosen from the parliament and city councils. They announced the existence of the Shariean electoral party in the presence of Mehrdad Bazrpash and Amirhossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, along with 450 radical fundamentalist figures on the first day of August 2003.

That is why it is said that this party is actually an organization formed for the cohesive presence of the Stability Front in the February 2003 elections. Despite denying any intention to play a role in the elections, the published opinions from the central council of this party clearly indicate how the newly established party views the upcoming elections.

A product of corrupt dealings.

In recent days, statements by traditional fundamentalist figures have been published in the media, which have launched fierce attacks on the sincere positions of the Principlist movement. One of the most important of these statements can be attributed to the interview with Hossein Kanani Moghaddam, the Secretary-General of the Green Party of Iran and a well-known Principlist figure. In this interview, which was published on Wednesday, he emphasized that the movement has extensive financial resources and can support the stability front and its affiliated parties through these resources.

Kanani Moghaddam explains in this interview that the party organizations, of which he is the Secretary-General, will definitely use his financial capabilities, which is considered a natural matter. In fact, the movement has an effective presence in the parliament and many of those currently in parliament are supported by the stability front.

On the other hand, in recent days, the movement has taken a strong stance against Ghalibaf and Raeisi, which, according to many analysts, is a sign that the movement has positioned itself as an artery for political parties and movements to confront the government and the dominant movement in Baharestan.

Coup against Raeisi and Ghalibaf

Recently, the Secretary-General of the Stability Front has made strong statements against the principlists in the closing session of the Unity Consolidation Office. In his brief remarks, he issued serious warnings to the government of Ebrahim Raisi and criticized the current situation in the parliament, with veiled references to Qalibaf. However, he did not exclude moderate principlists like Ali Larijani and tried to undermine his rivals by anticipating the possible presence of close associates of the former Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in the upcoming elections.

But as mentioned, the main goal of the Productive Front and the Stability Front is to attack the government of Ebrahim Raisi and also Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf. This movement, which is implicitly seeking to establish an Islamic government instead of an Islamic Republic, considers any political activity aimed at maintaining the normal situation in the Islamic Republic as betrayal, and labels such principlists as traitors.

In recent speeches, a product has explicitly addressed the twelfth parliamentary elections and used keywords such as ‘principled choice’ repeatedly. These keywords were previously heard from the spiritual father, Mohammadtaghi Mesbah Yazdi, and later repeated by the product and many managers in the Ahmadinejad government. These keywords have now become the secret name of the Stability Front for its strong and powerful presence in the February 2024 elections.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the Sherian Party is considered an example of the activities of the Stabilityists to seize parliamentary seats, an action that can only be possible with the cooperation and support of the Guardian Council. However, whispers of a will within this supervisory institution to disqualify prominent faces of stability are heard, whispers that have been strengthened by recent statements from Haddad Adel, and perhaps the product’s entry into the field is a result of these same possibilities.


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