Tragedies Named Zakani on Behesht Street

Saeed Aganji
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Tragedies Named Zakani on Behesht Street

Tragedies called ‘Zakani’ on Behesht Street

According to Iran Gate’s report, since Alireza Zakani took over as the mayor of Tehran, tragedies have occurred in the capital that have never been seen before. Although Tehran has always been a city of events and disasters, it has never been as critical and catastrophic as during Zakani’s management of Behesht Street, as we witness today.

Zakani’s performance at the Tehran Municipality, despite his short tenure on Behesht Street, has been accompanied by significant disasters. From financial corruption in the mayor’s office to insulting political and artistic figures in the official tribune of the Tehran Municipality, all have been recorded and documented in his record. Recently, a tragedy occurred in District 19 of Tehran on Khalazir Street, which has resulted in a strong reaction to Zakani’s weak management at the municipality.

But what’s interesting is that he and his team not only do not feel the slightest responsibility to be accountable, but every time they face criticism, they mockingly dismiss the audience and public opinion. This report attempts to provide an overview of Alireza Zakani’s record in Behesht Street building and examine some of his special and important actions in this area.

Illegal Mayor

The appointment of Alireza Zakani as the mayor of Tehran was met with a strong reaction from media professionals and urban management experts from the very beginning. One of the main criticisms was based on the regulations of the Tehran City Council, which stated that Zakani’s educational qualifications were irrelevant to the management of a metropolis like Tehran with a population of 20 million.

In fact, experts and critics referred to Zakani as an illegal mayor in the media, citing these regulations. On the other hand, there were many discussions about Zakani’s medical degree. Many claimed that he not only didn’t enter university through the national entrance exam, but also rarely attended classes and spent most of his time at the Basij Medical School office. Despite all these ambiguities and doubts surrounding his appointment as the mayor of Tehran, the City Council took no action to enlighten public opinion, and the result of this lack of accountability is evident on the streets of Tehran.

Citizen Page: Zakani’s Personal Page

Professional media contacts in Iran have become accustomed to the fact that the reputable and famous newspaper Hamshahri has turned into a personal tribune for Alireza Zakani, with his strange and unusual positions regarding the hijab issue and his attacks on individuals who have engaged in verbal disputes with Zakani. These can be seen on the front page of this newspaper.

Due to the intense differences between hardline conservatives and moderate conservatives, even Hamshahri has not overlooked attacking conservative figures, including even a radical figure like Mostafa Mirsalim. He has been subjected to aggressive headlines and disrespectful cartoons in the newly established editorial of Hamshahri. Mirsalim, who had engaged in a verbal exchange with Zakani on Twitter, was so affected by the front page of Hamshahri that he directly complained to Zakani about the offensive cartoon and headline of this newspaper. In other words, even Mirsalim has accepted that Hamshahri is actually Zakani’s personal tribune and, therefore, he preferred to directly complain to the mayor instead of spinning around the issue.

It is worth mentioning that Hamshahri newspaper started its work at the beginning of the road with the aim of reflecting the voice of Tehran citizens. Despite facing many ups and downs at different times, no municipality had ever belittled this newspaper to the extent that it would turn a large media outlet into their personal public relations and bring their verbal conflicts with various personalities to the front page of this reputable publication.

Helplessness in paradise

Zakani’s controversial trip to Belgium has proven to everyone that he not only lacks the scientific qualifications to sit in the mayor’s chair in Tehran, but also seems to be intellectually, at best, in a mediocre state. Zakani’s highly publicized presence in Brussels, which was met with reactions from social media users, indicated that the audience’s response to his strange behavior on this trip has led to social alienation of the Iranian people. On the other hand, this trip has forced the officials of the Belgian government and the Brussels municipality, who had praised the mayor of Tehran, to resign.

The tragedy didn’t end here, but the Belgian government was forced to apologize to the public for inviting an undesirable element and a supporter of terrorism. Such behavior has never been seen with the mayor of Tehran in any period, and such treatment has never been carried out with the mayor of the capital of Iran. However, the actions and methods of Zakani have led to this national disgrace being recorded in his record.

Honoring incompetence

Zakani’s incompetence is not limited to these cases, but there are numerous instances of this matter in the past two years. These instances include the issue of the tragedy of the 19th District’s escalators in Tehran’s metro, ideological banners and billboards that suffer from severe graphic weakness. Recently, he also invited the mayor of the 19th District, who is responsible for the tragedy on Khalazir Street, to give a speech to the media in honor of his incompetence. These behaviors of Zakani are actually a form of disrespect to the elite of the country and can be considered a form of honoring incompetence, which can indicate the depth of the tragedy on the streets of Behesht.

Ali Reza Zakani’s strange action at the journalist’s day ceremony


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