Entrust the Hijab to the People, Fazl Meybodi

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Entrust the Hijab to the People, Fazl Meybodi

Mohammad Taghi Fazeli Meybodi urges people to take charge of the hijab

Mohammad Taghi Fazeli Meybodi, a reformist political activist, has spoken about the police’s approach towards unveiled women, stating that he does not accept the police’s method of surveillance and arrest.

He says that some women on the street put on their hijabs out of fear of officers or cameras, and then take them off in another place where there are no cameras or officers. According to him, this does not reflect true religious observance and hijab.

This political activist, who spoke to Ruydad24 website, emphasizes that if the country’s economic problems are solved, other issues will also be resolved.

In his opinion, the fundamental problem of the country is high inflation and economic issues, which the government should address, and the responsibility of the hijab should be entrusted to the people themselves.


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