Ghalibaf Enters

سریال انتقام رئیسی از مجلس ادامه دارد / قسمت دوم

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Ghalibaf Enters

Qalibaf enters

According to Iran Gate, one of the supporters of the government in the 11th Majlis has also opened a case against Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf regarding the SUV scandal. Every day, we hear new statements from representatives and some government officials that make the image of the bribery case involving 75 representatives from the Ministry of Industry clearer than before.

No one probably thought that the transfer of 73 Fideli and 2 Digniti vehicles to the members of the Majlis by the Ministry of Industry would create such a deep divide between the government and the revolutionary Majlis. This divide has now become the catalyst for a political crisis between the executive and legislative branches. This report is the second part of a dossier that delves into Ebrahim Raisi’s revenge against his former comrades in Behesht-e Zahra. The first part referred to the roots of this crisis, and now the present report focuses on the recent developments in this case.

Qalibaf enters

Recent statements by Hossein Jalali, the representative of Rafsanjan in the eleventh parliament, have led to the Speaker of the Legislative Branch reopening the case of bribery by government representatives. According to the controversial and pro-government Jalali, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the head of the parliament, not only was aware of the details of the allocation of 75 vehicles to the representatives but also approved the Ministry of Industry’s actions in Baharestan.

Jalali, who is a supporter of government representative Ebrahim Raisi in the parliament and also has a history of working in the office of Mohammadtaghi Mesbah Yazdi, has made other interesting remarks. These remarks clearly indicate the high level of conflict between the government and the parliament, as well as the government’s efforts to cover up the Fatemi-Amin case in this political scandal.

The most important part of Jalali’s statements is his criticism of the presiding board of the parliament, particularly Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. He stated that Ghalibaf was definitely aware of the details of this incident and also approved the whole process. Now we have to wait and see if the Speaker of the Parliament or the presiding board will respond to these statements or not.

Raisi’s deliberate evasion

According to statements made by whistleblowers in the media, it is clear that these vehicles were made available to members of parliament and staff during the summer of 1401, just before the first impeachment of Fatemi Amin and coinciding with increasing criticism of the former Minister of Industry’s performance.

In fact, the government is trying to take revenge on the revolutionary parliament. On the other hand, it intends to make the recklessness resulting from bribery known to others, and who better than Hassan Rouhani and the twelfth cabinet. However, they have unintentionally done this to such an extent that even the statements made by government tribunes and government-supporting representatives are in clear contradiction with each other, and viewers with a little intelligence can understand these contradictions.

The main culprit is the President.

Of course, the statements of representatives like Ahmad Alireza Beigi, who first exposed this case, indicate that the footprint of ministers and government officials in this matter is very prominent and undeniable. In one of the controversial interviews, Alireza Beigi mentioned a fictitious company, and when he called the phone number associated with it, according to the claims of this member of parliament, the sound of a rooster and a chicken was played, and no one answered him.

However, when we look at the list of shareholders of this company, we will notice the presence of Mohammad Hadi Zahedi Vafa, the former caretaker of the Ministry of Welfare, Mohammad Hossein Hashemi Golpayegani, the brother of the head of the Command Headquarters for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, and also Seyyed Morteza Ahmadzadeh, one of the senior managers of Channel 3 of IRIB.

In fact, the company that has entrusted a considerable number of vehicles to representatives is not only superficial but also belongs to the government managers of Ebrahim Raisi. Therefore, his efforts to escape the responsibility of bribing representatives not only will not lead anywhere but will be like struggling in a quagmire that will cause further decline for him and his associates.


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