Mustafa Mirsaleem’s fans are interested in importing used car models

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Mustafa Mirsaleem's fans are interested in importing used car models

Mustafa Mirsaleem says that the supporters of importing second-hand cars are the middlemen.

Mirsaleem, a member of the parliament, said that the supporters of importing second-hand cars are the middlemen and mafia who spend one percent of their profits on destruction and waste, but I will not retreat and will not leave the scene.

In the discussion of prices, what is being mentioned is not true, and the Land Cruiser and Peugeot 206 cars do not have the same price. While the Peugeot 206 is delivered by the manufacturer at a price of about 400 to 500 million tomans, the Land Cruiser is valued at nearly 7 billion tomans.

A member of the Parliament’s Article 90 Commission, in response to IRNA’s question about the difference in price between Iranian-made cars and their foreign counterparts, said that the final price of Pride and Peugeot 206 is no different from their foreign counterparts in countries like South Korea and France.

Mirsaleem, emphasizing his opposition to the import of second-hand foreign cars that have been in use for more than five years, pointed out that in foreign countries, a car is scrapped after five years or 100,000 kilometers, and maintaining them is costly and economically unjustifiable. Importing such cars will not be a source of pride.


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