Went to the White House with a White Flag

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Went to the White House with a White Flag

Meloni with a white flag went to the White House

Meloni with a white flag went to the White House. According to Iran Gate, Joe Biden, the President of the United States, hosted Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, at the White House on Friday, August 27th. The war in Ukraine and Italy’s relations with China were among the most important topics discussed in this meeting.

In addition to meeting Joe Biden at the Capitol Building, Prime Minister Meloni met with Kevin McCarthy and several senators. This is Meloni’s first trip to the United States as Prime Minister.

Meloni addressed Biden, saying that in difficult times and challenging periods, we will find out who our friends are. I believe that Italy and the United States have shown that they can rely on each other more than expected. He further added that the relations between the two countries are historically strong and will continue regardless of the political inclinations of the current governments of both sides.

In general, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia emphasized the need for dialogue between Europe and the United States to establish a new relationship and a common strategy. Meloni also referred to the issue of Africa and migration, a topic that Italy increasingly wants to discuss with its partner on the other side of the Mediterranean. They discussed how to strengthen economic relations with each other, which led to $100 billion in trade exchanges between the two countries last year. Both sides confirmed that there are no obstacles to increasing the level of trade between the two countries.

The President of the United States jokingly told Meloni that his hometown of Scranton in Pennsylvania has a large Italian-American community. Biden, who is of Irish descent, said in my neighborhood, I was the only one with this last name. He also took the opportunity to remind Prime Minister Meloni of the Italian heritage of the First Lady, Jill. Overall, this meeting lasted one hour and forty minutes.

The Prime Minister of Italy emphasized the importance of trade with the United States and stated that the West should cooperate to support our industrial system, promote convergence of interests between our nations, and ensure that dialogue between the United States, Italy, and the European Union can overcome existing tensions to the benefit of all. He added that Italy and the United States have common interests in strengthening global trade, which should not only be free but also fair. Competition from countries that do not respect labor standards, environmental protection, and safety weakens the security of our companies and workforce.

Continuing, he addressed Africa and said that we must be fair to countries whose resources have been exploited. President Biden knows that I attach great importance to Africa and the role we can play in that continent. We are in the process of creating a new relationship and finding a new approach to address the issue of illegal migration.

We will discuss this topic at the G7 Summit in 2024, which will be chaired by Italy. President Biden also mentioned the communications and economic cooperation between Italy and the United States, emphasizing that there are no barriers to increasing cooperation and trade between the two parties.

The Ukraine War

Those who believe in peace should support the Kyiv government. One of the central topics discussed in this meeting was the Ukraine War. Meloni emphasized that we have decided to uphold international laws and I am proud that Italy has fulfilled its responsibilities from the beginning. We did this because supporting Ukraine means defending the existence of peace and peaceful life worldwide. Contrary to some beliefs, Ukraine’s resistance not only did not start another world war, but it pushed it back. Those who believe in peace should support Ukraine.

Before reaching the White House, Melania met with Congressman Kevin McCarthy. At the end of the meeting, she said, ‘Many things are changing around us, but what some did not expect is that the West is still united and wants to defend the world based on laws. We do not want to live in a world based on chaos and turmoil, where those who are militarily stronger can attack their neighbors. We want a world that respects national sovereignty and freedom.’

Quote from Fallaci in Capital Hill

Prime Minister Melania referred to a quote from the renowned Italian writer and journalist, Oriana Fallaci, in the Congress building and said, ‘Fallaci summarized why Italians love America in a few words. Let me share this quote: America is a special land, a country that is envied not because of wealth, power, or military superiority, but because it was born out of the spiritual need, the need for a homeland, and the loftiest idea that has crossed the human mind – the idea of freedom, and even better, freedom combined with equality.’

He continued by saying that this is why I believe America is very powerful. This country has a strong identity rooted in the ideals of freedom and democracy. Its constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness for all its citizens. This is what has made America a leader in the world, and the United States Congress is the main guardian of these principles.

Then he outlined an Italian project about Africa for American senators. Italian sources explained that the meeting with the senators in Congress, which lasted about 45 minutes, took place in a very positive atmosphere. Senator Bob Menendez, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, discussed the concept of Global South with Prime Minister Meloni. This term broadly includes countries in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia, excluding Israel, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Menendez expressed that he has been greatly influenced by these projects.

As expected, this meeting was a suitable opportunity for the new Prime Minister of Italy to reaffirm the alliance with Washington in accordance with the longstanding tradition of his predecessors in previous governments. It is evident that the fundamental basis of Italy’s foreign policy has been registered in Washington, indicating a harmony with the United States. It seems that the Italian government has adopted a similar approach to the United States in dealing with the sensitive challenge of China’s rise in the face of the G7 summit. In this regard, it appears that

the White House has no doubt that Italy will withdraw from the Belt and Road Initiative. Italy is also striving to play an active role in the Mediterranean and Africa with the aim of controlling migration. Stabilizing this area, which is considered Italy’s backyard, is one of the important interests of the United States. There are also several other issues on which Washington and Rome pursue common interests and goals, including the climate crisis and strengthening bilateral technical and industrial cooperation.

Now we have to wait and see what practical achievements the Prime Minister, Meloni, will bring for Italy, beyond the praise for his positions on Ukraine and the renewed guarantees regarding strategic global partnership between the United States and Italy, and emphasis on the value of unity between the two countries.

Joe Biden must be ready for the second round.

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