The amount of government’s oil income has been revealed

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The amount of government's oil income has been revealed

The amount of government’s oil revenue has been disclosed

According to Iran Gate, Davood Manzoor, the head of the Organization for Planning and Budget, has stated that the Rouhani government sells each barrel of Iranian oil with a 30% discount. However, Manzoor’s statements indicate that despite the claims that were made, the thirteenth government has sold and earned income from only about one-third of the claimed oil figures. But the question is, where is the money from the sale of the remaining two-thirds of the oil exports?

Ebrahim Raisi has repeatedly emphasized the unprecedented increase in the country’s oil revenues. Javad Owji, the Minister of Oil in the thirteenth government, has also confirmed Raisi’s claims and has pushed for a significant increase in Iran’s oil exports. The question has always been raised, if Raisi’s claims are accurate and authentic, then why is there no trace of this money in the country’s economy and the livelihood of ordinary people?

Now, the statements made by Davood Manzoor, the head of the Organization for Planning and Budget, as well as the Deputy President, have clarified everything for the media and analysts. This report has attempted to translate the recent statements and calculate the actual amount of the thirteenth government’s oil revenue.

What does Manzoor mean by ‘Manzoor’?

The head of the Organization for Planning and Budget recently announced that by the end of the Iranian calendar month of Mordad 1402 (August 2023), only 50% of the projected oil revenues in the budget have been realized. This claim reveals alarming and unusual figures that indicate the incorrectness of the statements made by the government’s head and the Minister of Oil.

According to the budget for the Iranian calendar year 1402 (2023-2024), the thirteenth government was obligated to export over 13 billion dollars’ worth of oil by the end of the fifth month of the current year and bring the money into the country. However, according to Davood’s statement, only 50% of this amount has been realized, and the government’s oil revenue has been approximately 6.5 billion dollars.

The government’s oil revenue has been leaked.

If the figure of 65 billion dollars for the government’s oil revenue in the first five months of the year is considered alongside other data, the accurate amount of the government’s income from oil exports can be determined. However, the head of the Organization for Planning and Budget has announced a base price of 60 dollars per barrel, which means that the government’s 65 billion dollar income from oil exports is related to the sale of one million barrels per day. In other words, Ibrahim Raisi’s government has been exporting over one million barrels of oil daily in the first five months of the current year.

Iran’s minimum 30% discount to oil customers.

But the important point here is that if the $60 price is considered in the calculations and if the oil export volume is one million barrels, Iran has given a significant discount to its oil customers.

In other words, Iran’s calculations show that the Ibrahim Raisi government has given about a 35% to 40% discount for selling each barrel of oil to customers, which is about twice the discount given by the Russians to their oil customers, and is considered a major betrayal of Iran’s national interests.

Where is the money from the 800,000 barrels of oil?

But the story doesn’t end here, because these numbers do not match the claims of Raisi and the Minister of Oil, because if we assume the accuracy of their statements, Raisi’s statement about the daily sale of 1.8 million barrels of Iranian oil is incorrect.

Because there is a discrepancy of 800,000 barrels between the statistics of the Ministry of Oil and the Planning and Budget Organization. Now the question arises, if we consider the statements of both officials to be true, where is the money from the daily export of 800,000 barrels of oil? Does the Ibrahim Raisi government have an explanation for this significant discrepancy between the Vice President and the Minister of Oil?

National interests sacrificed for export volume

The only conclusion that can be drawn from these statements is that the government is unable to access the financial resources generated from exporting approximately 800,000 barrels per day. This is despite offering a minimum 30% discount to buyers and it is still unclear how they have received the proceeds from the sold oil.

This is in contrast to Hassan Rouhani who has repeatedly stated that if the sale of oil is done in a way that satisfies the brokers, anyone can sell millions of barrels of oil. However, the issue here is that resorting to such methods essentially sacrifices national interests for the sake of numerical figures, which only serve partisan interests.

In simpler terms, Ebrahim Raisi has decided to sell oil to China with a minimum 30% discount and not receive half of the foreign exchange earnings from this discounted sale, just so he can boast on paper about the increase in oil sales during the 13th government and falsely claim that my government did not tie the economy to the JCPOA. However, he is unaware that such an approach is a clear example of an excellent boast with an empty pocket, which not only brings no benefits to the people, but also constitutes a major betrayal towards future generations and young people.


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