Some retirees do not have the ability to afford artificial teeth, according to Nader Ghazipour

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Some retirees do not have the ability to afford artificial teeth, according to Nader Ghazipour

Some retirees, including Nader Ghazipour, cannot afford to buy artificial teeth.

Ghazipour, a representative of past eras in the parliament, says that even the Minister of Labor and you, the head of this camel’s tail house, sleep, and you will also become a retiree one day. So think about yourselves first and control inflation, and then increase retiree salaries reasonably.

Unfortunately, some retirees do not even have a residential home. These individuals are truly unable to cover their living expenses. Even those who have homes may only be able to survive for the first ten days of the month with these salaries.

If you visit Ferdowsi Hotel, you will always see groups of forty or fifty Japanese elderly men and women. I asked them why they were here, and they said their retirement organizations send them abroad once a year. But our retirees are left to fend for themselves.

The government, in addition to increasing retirees’ pensions in line with inflation, should also consider retirees without housing and come up with measures to reduce their healthcare costs. Retirees don’t get cosmetic surgeries, but many of them can’t even afford to buy artificial teeth for themselves.


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