Ali Larijani’s Silent Entry into the Elections

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Ali Larijani's Silent Entry into the Elections

Ali Larijani’s Silent Entry into the Elections

According to Iran Gate’s report, after Ali Larijani’s significant statement about not running for the parliamentary elections, reports have emerged about the silent entry of his supporters into the electoral competition to secure seats in the twelfth parliament. It is said that out of approximately 450 incumbent representatives, more than half of them are close associates of Ali Larijani who have volunteered to run in the 1402 elections.

Recent reports have revealed the registration of 457 incumbent representatives for participation in this year’s elections. It is said that over 200 of them are close associates of Ali Larijani and have a high chance of qualifying. This comes at a time when the former speaker of the parliament recently announced his absence from the twelfth parliament elections and has referred the reason for his decision to the future.

The Silent and Smart Move

Recently, one of the country’s newspapers reported that 457 incumbent representatives have registered for the parliamentary elections. A significant number of them have taken this action based on the recommendation of Ali Larijani. According to analysts, the publication of this news exactly one day after Larijani’s statement about not participating in the parliamentary elections can be interpreted as the former Speaker of Parliament’s smart and calculated re-entry into the political arena.

But these news reports are not limited to this short and ambiguous news. Reports have also been published about the presence of two current members of the Expediency Discernment Council, two former ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran, two former ministers, two former governors, one former deputy president, nine heads of parliamentary commissions, two party secretaries-general, and three former deputy ministers.

This combination indicates Ali Larijani’s serious intention to return to the political scene of the country, and it seems that he intends to come back with full force. This news, which can also cause concerns among hardline and traditional fundamentalists, has faced strong reactions from some super-revolutionary figures who also have a prominent presence in Ibrahim Raisi’s government.

The early reaction of the Stability Arsenal

Now it can be said that the publication of these news justifies the recent attacks by the loyalists of the Secretary-General of the Steadfast Front against Ali Larijani. These attacks targeted Ali Larijani personally and his tenure as the Speaker of the Parliament, accusing him of betraying the country and the ideals of the Islamic Revolution. With the scene becoming clearer, it can be concluded that the Steadfast Front is terrified of the close presence of Ali Larijani in the parliamentary elections and intends to provoke the Guardian Council, through fabrications and agitation, to confront the moderate and pragmatic spectrum close to President Hassan Rouhani.

Therefore, it is said that the repeated strong reactions of the internal hardliners to the publication of this news may indicate the increasing attention of the Steadfast Front to the moderate and pragmatic movement in the country. This is a movement that has previously clashed with figures like Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and even Ebrahim Raisi, but it seems that the fear of the return of moderates to the political arena has driven them to blind reactions.

The blade of the Guardian Council is sharper than ever before.

Some analysts believe that statements like those made by Gholamali Haddad Adel regarding the moderation of the twelfth parliament compared to the current parliament indicate a serious intention to empower the bureaucrats and moderates in the realm of elections in the Guardian Council, especially the hard power nucleus in the Islamic Republic.

Of course, recent positions taken by the Guardian Council and the opinions heard from the tribunes of the Ministry of Interior also indicate the sharpness of the supervisory blade. A blade that has not been dulled in any way, and some even believe that this blade will be sharper than ever before in the 1402 parliament elections, eradicating any opposing voices and even reducing support.

However, some analysts believe that the government has come to the conclusion that the consolidation of power has not only failed to unravel the complexities of the Islamic Republic, but has also exacerbated the internal divisions within the conservative movement. Furthermore, the inefficiency of both the legislative and executive branches has reached a critical point, pushing the country to the edge of a precipice. Therefore, some argue that the government is compelled to demonstrate a positive image by promoting figures like Ali Larijani in order to mitigate the level of inefficiency within the executive and legislative apparatuses, and perhaps navigate through this sensitive and dangerous situation.

Is Ali Larijani’s return a symbolic occasion or a decision for change?


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