Private sector parliament under government siege

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Private sector parliament under government siege

Private sector parliament under government siege

The Chamber of Commerce is considered as the private sector parliament and the arm of the country’s economic diplomacy

This institution, which is supposed to represent the traders and industrialists of the private sector, should serve as an advisory body for the government and statesmen, providing an opportunity to utilize the opinions of this chamber for the development of relationships

But apparently, in the rent-seeking and corrupt economy of Iran, where the government has made the country’s economy inefficient as the responsible party for all economic affairs, seizing the Chamber of Commerce and arranging its board of directors has become a goal these days

Iran Gate previously exposed a covert move by a spy and his affiliated forces regarding the infiltration project in the Chamber, revealing the special dossier, causing this team to proceed with more caution in their infiltration activities

Furthermore, Iran Gate also disclosed the role of the globalist squirrel, secretary-general of the Iran-Iraq Chamber, who is affiliated with the forces of Al-Isaac, the head of the Iran-Iraq Chamber. According to the report, his actions were described as squirrel-like. He intended to present himself as a representative of these security institutions by associating himself with security agencies, especially the Ministry of Intelligence, and to portray his demands as the demands of the ministry.

Informed sources in Iran Gate, from the open cases of Jahanbakhsh Sanjabi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his presence in the Assembly of Expediency Discernment, report that the situation is so chaotic that such a person introduces himself as affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence and intends to place his superior at the head of the Chamber of Commerce executive board.

However, the movements and lobbying of government affiliates to exert influence in the Chamber of Commerce executive board elections do not end here. Jafar Faraji, the son-in-law of the esteemed General Jafari, is making efforts to place one of his relatives named Ramin Keshvar Khavar in the position of executive board member. Interestingly, Faraji’s promises to the members of the Chamber are that if they vote for Keshvar Khavar, he can obtain a significant advantage for them from the government.

Furthermore, Faraji, in order to hide his family relationship with Aziz Jafari, the former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, introduces his wife as a relative of Din Mohammad. The dear son-in-law of Jafari is trying to exert influence in the Chamber in order to engage in trade and economic transactions with Saudi Arabia and Iraq using the facilities of the Chamber member companies.

The disclosure of behind-the-scenes lobbying and the infiltration of these individuals to influence the composition of the Chamber of Commerce’s executive board has caused a delay in the election of the executive board. The entry of supervisory bodies is necessary to ensure the integrity of the Chamber of Commerce’s elections and to protect this private institution from the influence of government rent-seekers and the government itself.


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