Encountering Unlawful Advertising Practices on Home Shopping Network

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Encountering Unlawful Advertising Practices on Home Shopping Network

Satra encounters instances of illegal advertising on television networks.

Satra’s Deputy for Market Regulation and Business Development provided explanations regarding advertising methods in the television industry and user criticism of some platforms for airing short advertisements during the broadcast of series and programs.

Recently, some television viewers criticized the behavior of certain platforms and display platforms in VODs for airing short advertisements during the broadcast of series and home and online programs, directing criticisms towards the platforms and Satra as the supervisory body in this area.

Today, it is sometimes observed that the volume of advertising for some Iranian platforms producing films and series has increased, with even financial supporters using characters from the series and programs in billboards for advertisements, essentially using them as marketing tools. Additionally, in recent weeks, platforms have started inserting advertisements between programs, which was also criticized by viewers.

Khal’atbari pointed out that in Iran, advertising is also one of the main revenue models in the field of communication. It was emphasized that when the Satra Commercial Communications Guidelines were being prepared, efforts were made to not only protect the rights of users when using services but also to pay attention to media businesses. For this purpose, there was no prohibition on advertising in subscription-based media. This practice was also common in media worldwide. Some media, despite receiving subscriptions from users, display advertisements. What is prohibited in the Satra Commercial Communications Guidelines is advertising in premium services, which is also defined for those services.

Unfortunately, in a very limited number of platforms, this guideline is not being followed. In respect for the rights of users, all the mentioned cases will be pursued by the Satra Violations Committee. These violations have even led to the suspension of payment gateways for some entertainment media, which was resolved by educating the mentioned media on the law and rectifying the violations. Therefore, respectful users are also requested to report any violations of user rights to the Sapra system.


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