Newspaper of Azad University Fined Three Million for Real Hijab

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Newspaper of Azad University Fined Three Million for Real Hijab

The newspaper of the Islamic Azad University is actually fined three million for lack of hijab.

The Farhikhtegan newspaper wrote that imposing a three million fine for lack of hijab and deducting money from the individual’s account is a matter that has received many reactions after statements by Bankipour. However, news was published yesterday denying what had been raised by Bankipour and it was said that such a thing has not been approved by the Joint Commission for the review of the Chastity and Hijab Bill, which was formed in the eleventh parliament.

Despite Bankipour’s denial of the statements, it seems that the Judiciary Commission of the parliament has approved this punishment in the Hijab Bill and after that, the proposal has been sent to the Guardian Council for the third time.

Based on this, the implementation of the punishment in this regard will not be in the hands of the judiciary and the police will handle the fines for individuals. The determination of this matter will also be the responsibility of the police. In fact, the person behind the system is a police officer, and when he determines that the individual has violated the law, he identifies the individual by their national ID and information and fines them three million tomans, deducting the money from the individual’s account.

In addition, a protest authority, which is also a quasi-police entity, has been considered to address the complaints of individuals whose money is deducted from their accounts.

One of the drafters of this bill discussed the details of enforcing penalties for hijab violations in this bill. They mentioned that the first offense of hijab violation carries a three million fine, and the offense of improper dressing defined in Article 49 also carries a three million fine, as defined in the law. For example, if the ankles or neck are exposed, it falls under this category. The fine amount is initially deducted from the individual’s account, but they can later claim that they did not have enough money to be deducted, in which case the money will be refunded to their account.


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