Sadeq Zibakalam to negotiate directly between Tehran and Washington

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Sadeq Zibakalam to negotiate directly between Tehran and Washington

Sadeq Zibakalam suggests direct negotiations between Tehran and Washington.

Sadeq Zibakalam sees a difference in approach between Biden and Netanyahu regarding war with Iran.

If a war breaks out, China may take advantage of the situation and invade Taiwan. It would be challenging for the US to confront China in such circumstances, which is why the US is unlikely to engage in a war with Iran. Netanyahu, as I mentioned, is not interested in escalating the crisis by going to war with Iran. Therefore, there is a serious disagreement between Biden and Netanyahu regarding a war with Iran.

Zibakalam raises the question of how Iran could benefit from such a division. Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always pursued a foreign policy in service of anti-Western ideology and revolutionary fervor. Now, given the disagreement between the US and Israel, Iran could seize the opportunity to engage in direct negotiations with the US, using diplomacy instead of ideology to advance its interests.


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