Serious Warning Bell for the Healthcare System

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Serious Warning Bell for the Healthcare System

Serious Warning Bell for the Healthcare System

The head of the Nursing Organization stated that in the past two years, 16,000 beds have been added to the country’s hospital beds, but we have not seen significant growth in the recruitment of new staff. He said that more than 2,700 nurses migrate annually.

The head of the Nursing Organization continued, ‘We need 15,000 nurses for annual recruitment. Currently, the acceptance rate of nursing students is 10,500 at the undergraduate level, and we demand an increase in the admission of nursing students in nursing colleges compared to the past.’

He stated that according to the statistics of the Nursing Organization, more than 2,700 nurses migrate annually, which poses a serious warning bell for the healthcare system. He said that the nursing community is among the most valuable forces in the healthcare sector, and in this regard, a nursing retention package is being formulated.

Referring to the low salaries of nurses, he stated that overtime pay in public hospitals is 20,000 tomans, and in the armed forces and social security, it ranges from 50,000 to 80,000 tomans. Our request is that the issue of overtime pay, which has been raised for discussion in the Health Ministry’s Development Deputy, be followed up on.


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