Ali Larijani: People’s trust in the ballot box is a prelude to dictatorship

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Ali Larijani: People's trust in the ballot box is a prelude to dictatorship

Ali Larijani said people’s support for a candidate from the ballot box is the preamble to dictatorship.

Ali Larijani stated that people do not just vote for a mindset, they give their votes to individuals with wills who possess a mindset and have the power to implement it. Otherwise, people do not vote for a scholar; they vote for a politician. The difference between a politician and a scientist is that a scientist describes the conditions, while a politician pursues changing the conditions.

Regarding the notion that some say casting a protest vote in elections means casting a blank vote, he said he does not know if that is an effective strategy. Such actions may lead the country towards dictatorship. Countries move towards dictatorship when a minority seizes all affairs through coercion of the people, or government structures sometimes do things that people have chosen the wrong method and cannot participate.

A protest vote may bring the government to itself, but it is a costly method.

Perhaps in the future, the Assembly of Experts needs to have multiple dimensions, meaning for leadership in the expertise of executive and managerial issues and familiarity with international affairs, other experts need to exist, and it should be independent of the clerics’ supervision.


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