Complaints about the speed and price of internet in Iran

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Complaints about the speed and cost of internet in Iran

How to tell a foreign merchant to install Rubika

The latest report from the Speedtest website shows that the quality of fixed and mobile internet in Iran is declining, which clearly demonstrates why users are dissatisfied with the speed and cost of internet in Iran.

This website examines the internet status in countries and ranks them based on speed. The latest Speedtest report indicates that Iran’s fixed internet has dropped one rank to 153rd place globally, and mobile internet has also fallen three ranks to 75th place. This situation is alarming considering that some neighboring countries to Iran are ranked among the top countries in terms of internet speed, especially mobile internet.

In a situation where users have many complaints about the quality, speed, and cost of internet in Iran, and the high statistics also indicate the reason for their dissatisfaction, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology promises that the speed of fixed internet in the country can be increased by 80 times. Eisa Zarapour has also stated that it is possible to bring satellite internet to the country, but active companies in this field must obtain the necessary licenses and comply with the country’s laws.

Some people quickly and strongly object to the speed and cost of the internet in Iran, and believe that Iran’s conditions in this regard should not be compared to other countries.

I am a transit driver, currently in Iraqi Kurdistan. They have an amazing internet here, but we suffer because we send transit customs documents via WhatsApp to Turkey, Russia, Georgia, and Armenia. We get stuck in Iran for several days until the documents are approved, and we can exchange information with the trader or cargo owner. Sometimes, we are stuck for a month due to customs documents. We are really deprived of the internet in Iran. How can I tell Russian and Turkish traders to install Rubika?


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