Controversy over the presence of girls with optional hijab at graduation ceremony

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Controversy over the presence of girls with optional hijab at graduation ceremony

Controversy over the presence of girls with optional hijab at the graduation ceremony

The president of Sharif University was dismissed due to the students’ hijab

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology announced the appointment of the new interim head of Sharif University of Technology

Ali Shamsipour announced in a tweet that Dr. Seyed Abbas Mousavi, a faculty member of Sharif University of Technology, has been introduced as the new interim head of the university this morning, and sincere appreciation was expressed for the honest efforts of Dr. Rasoul Jalili

It seems that the change in the presidency of Sharif University is a result of the irregular events at the graduation ceremony of the students of Kish Campus. At that time, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Science had also announced in a tweet that the Minister of Science had issued an order to follow up, investigate, and announce the result within 48 hours. Legal and serious action will be taken against violators at any level

Sharif University of Technology also announced in a statement that the graduation ceremony of 81 students from the international campus of the university on Kish Island was held on Friday, 25th of Aban, 1402

Unfortunately, during the final part of the ceremony when awards were being presented and a group photo was being taken, there were instances of misconduct and violation of rules that were not in line with the values of Sharif University of Technology. As a result, the President and the Vice President for Academic and Postgraduate Education of the university decided not to participate in the award ceremony and left the conference hall.

Sharif University of Technology condemns the incident that occurred during the ceremony and apologizes to the families of martyrs, veterans, and all the caring individuals of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The university assures that the officials will take serious action against those responsible for this event and anyone who has been negligent or at fault in this matter will be announced and dealt with promptly.

Following this incident, the President of Kish International Campus of Sharif University has resigned, and Reza Yousefi has been appointed as the interim head of Sharif Kish International Campus.


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