Court sentenced 11 women’s rights activists to over 60 years in prison

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Court sentenced 11 women's rights activists to over 60 years in prison

The active women’s rights judge confirmed the sentence of over 60 years in prison for 11 women’s rights activists.

Zahra, one of the 11 women’s rights activists in Gilan, who has been sentenced to over 9 years in total, reacted to the over 60 years of imprisonment for these activists by writing that when the verdict was announced to them on March 27, 2024, no one believed the numbers that were put in front of our names.

She added that they were all sentenced to aggravated imprisonment for over sixty years, a definitive prison sentence for individuals whose biggest crime was being feminists. Otherwise, how could individuals with no criminal record, not even a warning or contact from the authorities, deserve such a sentence?

She mentioned the first court session on February 28, 2024, and that the judge intended to handle the cases of each 12 individuals in one session. Then he said that for some, there should not be a case file at all, and it should be just a warning. The judge promised to give a good verdict and that they would not appeal.

She wrote, ‘We also asked ourselves, what have we done? We haven’t killed anyone, set fire anywhere, or even thrown a stone. We are just protesters.’

He has written about the court of appeal that the case of 12 Ordibehesht was referred to Branch 11 of the Court of Appeal and the documents were sent to this branch on the 13th of Ordibehesht. The judge of the Court of Appeal on the 17th of Ordibehesht, within 4 days, one of which was a Friday, confirmed the verdict of the lower court without holding a court session. Although this verdict was served in person to my lawyer, I have not received any text message notification until today.

Yesterday, on the 8th of Khordad, it was reported that 11 women’s rights activists in Gilan were collectively sentenced to a total of 60 years in prison.


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