Deputy Minister of Interior, 5 officers, and 8 attackers killed, one civilian taken hostage

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Deputy Minister of Interior, 5 officers, and 8 attackers killed, one civilian taken hostage

Five security personnel and eight attackers were killed as they took a citizen hostage.

The Deputy Minister of Security and Law Enforcement of the Iranian Ministry of Interior announced moments ago that so far eight attackers who had attacked military bases in the cities of Chabahar and Rask in southern Sistan and Baluchestan have been killed. He stated that this number is likely to increase.

Majid Mirahmadi told IRNA that the remaining attackers are completely surrounded by security forces. He predicted that within the next few hours, these individuals, about six in number, will be arrested or killed.

He added that the attackers have taken a citizen of Chabahar hostage, and the security forces are taking full precautions to preserve the life of this hostage.

Iranian authorities have described the attackers as terrorists.

IRNA reported on Thursday morning that a soldier, a guard, a Basij member, two security officers, and two law enforcement officers are among the martyrs of the Wednesday evening attack in Chabahar, southern Sistan and Baluchestan.

Halvosh, which covers the news of Sistan and Baluchestan, had previously reported that members of the Justice Army had seized the headquarters of the IRGC in Rask, the command headquarters of Chabahar region, the 12th police precinct, and the intelligence and control office of the arsenal during their attack on these bases.

These attacks began on Thursday night but apparently continued after dawn on Friday. So far, the killing of five officers has been reported. The Deputy Minister of Security and Law Enforcement of Iran stated that the complete casualty figures will be announced by the commanders after the operation ends.

The Justice Army Organization of Iran is an armed Islamic group opposed to the Iranian government, which calls itself the Army of Justice and Equality and claims to fight for the rights of Sunnis, especially in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran.


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