The Farhangian Newspaper accuses the presenters of the state television of being deceitful and aggressive

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The Farhangian Newspaper accuses the presenters of the state television of being deceitful and aggressive

The Farheekhtegan newspaper accuses the TV and radio presenters of being deceitful and aggressive.

The Farheekhtegan newspaper states that when faced with a system where aggressive and deceitful behaviors can lead to individuals’ progress and take the place of skill, the news work in the entire IRIB will collapse. Even the presence of some reporters who are symbols of societal hatred in the political deputy of IRIB indicates a structural flaw. In a standard media organization, such behaviors from a reporter would result in their removal, rather than leading to their advancement in the eyes of the organization’s authorities.

When it is said that the method of progress in the news section of IRIB is through false aggressiveness, and even deviant behavior and spreading hatred is pursued by managers for that reporter, editor, or responsible individual, especially for personal gains, it means that the political deputy sees its own complaints structurally, not the real audience. This issue has not only arisen recently but has a history of several years. Therefore, it can be said that unless this structure and perspective change, replacing one or more managers cannot bring about a fundamental transformation in the working methods of the political deputy and the news section of IRIB.

Aside from the potential danger of personal bias, such as a political deputy of IRIB favoring a specific political faction, and furthermore, the extent to which this person’s understanding of national interests is lacking, the fact that someone in the highest news organization does not comprehend the impact of media outlets working contrary to their intentions is a disaster. We should be concerned and ask: who in this vast and long organization has a minimal understanding of technical issues in the field of communications? Who is the most intelligent and educated person in this organization?

When the head of an organization fails to grasp such serious and important points, it is natural to question what kind of individuals this head has placed in his subordinates and what the actual function of IRIB news is currently. Considering this structure and these types of management, how effective will it be?


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