Ghormeh Sabzi Reached the Space Station

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Ghormeh Sabzi Reached the Space Station

Ghormeh Sabzi reaches the space station

Yasmin Moghbeli, an Iranian astronaut who is currently aboard the space station, shared this photo on her Instagram page with a post starting with the phrase ‘Bon appétit’. She wrote, ‘This weekend, I shared one of my favorite Iranian dishes with my colleagues at the space station. We had Ghormeh Sabzi, of course, with rice in the traditional way. Unfortunately, there was no tahdig.’

Ms. Moghbeli continued to write that it seems her colleagues at the space station enjoyed this dish.

Yasmin Moghbeli, originally from Baldwin, New York, received her engineering degree from MIT and the United States Naval Academy. During her service in the military, she participated in over 150 combat missions.

Ms. Moghbeli was selected as one of NASA’s new astronauts in late 2020.


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