A number of students from Beheshti University were summoned by Herana News Agency

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A number of students from Beheshti University were summoned by Herana News Agency

A number of students from Beheshti University have been summoned by the Harana News Agency.

The Harana Human Rights News Agency has reported the summoning of a group of students from Shahid Beheshti University following the publication of statements protesting the expulsion of Ahmad Shakarchi and other professors from this university.

According to Harana, after the publication of a protest statement by the students of this university in response to the termination of cooperation with Ahmad Shakarchi, the sociology professor, the university’s security office repeatedly contacted the students who had signed this statement and summoned them to the security office building along with their parents.

One of the students of this university told Harana that the summoned students have been pressured by the security office to disclose the identity of the statement’s author and have been threatened with academic suspension.

In a part of their statement, the protesting students wrote that the Social Sciences group at Shahid Beheshti University has faced the expulsion of two professors in less than four years. No explanation has been given to the students regarding the reasons and process of making these decisions. Today, we demand immediate transparency regarding these unjust terminations and a firm response to us. Otherwise, this injustice has been imposed on all of us and has made our group’s environment even more closed, restricted, and polarized than before.

Pressures on university professors and students in Iran have intensified following last year’s protest movement, and in recent months, dozens of university professors have been suspended or expelled from academic positions for supporting the protesting students.


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