Iran Currency Exchange and Money Laundering by the Petrochemical Mafia

Saeed Aganji
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Iran Currency Exchange and Money Laundering by the Petrochemical Mafia

Iran Currency Exchange and Money Laundering in the Petrochemical Mafia

Iran Currency Exchange plays a key role in money laundering for the Petrochemical and Oil Mafia, according to Iran Gate. It is associated with Ehsan Taheri, who acts as a trustee for the Aghazadehs and the Sepah Pasdaran to transfer their funds.

Ehsan Taheri is primarily involved in financial activities in the Maroun, Nafte Pasargad, Arvand, and PCCI cases. He is also responsible for transferring funds for the Quds Force. Taheri is currently released on a bail of 2.5 trillion tomans for oil and petrochemical corruption cases, and he is currently in Dubai.

احسان تحیری

Taheri, with the support of Mustafa Mahzoon, the Quds Force agent responsible for protecting their information, has traveled abroad to transfer funds for the Quds Force. One of the mafia groups that Taheri has a close relationship with is Amin Amrayi and Ali Amrayi. Iran Gate news agency will soon publish the names of other individuals associated with Taheri.

According to the received information, Iran Gate will disclose the mafia involved in the petrochemical and oil industry in a special case.

صرافی ارز ایران و پولشویی مافیای پتروشیمی احسان تحیری مصطفی محزون

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