Kazem Sedighi’s reaction to the defamation: I was unaware, they forged my signature

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Kazem Sedighi's reaction to the defamation: I was unaware, they forged my signature

I had no knowledge of Kazem Sadeghi’s reaction to my defamation, they forged my signature.

Following the publication of documents online regarding Kazem Sadeghi, the temporary Friday prayer leader of Tehran, I reacted to this claim in letters to the Tehran Prosecutor. The text of this letter is as follows:

Respected Prosecutor General of Tehran, greetings,

It is stated that the Imam Khomeini Seminary has decided years ago, within the framework of its articles of association, to establish an educational and cultural pre-seminary institution to prepare for the entry of young people and students interested in learning religious and seminary subjects. For the establishment of this center, the necessary legal permits were obtained. Based on this, it was necessary for institutes affiliated with the Imam Khomeini Seminary to be founded, and a portion of the land belonging to the seminary was to be transferred to this pre-seminary center.

Accordingly, an individual named Mr. X, who was previously trusted by the institution, was appointed responsible for following up and carrying out the administrative registration of the institute. Unfortunately, this individual, taking advantage of the trust, drafted and registered the articles of association by forging my signature, distributed shares without my knowledge, the director’s consent, and some members’ consent. Sadly, this matter was registered without my and some members’ entry and signature.

Therefore, the registered institution, which has been publicized in the media without my knowledge and contrary to its approved goals, has been registered. Therefore, I, Kazem Sadeghi, request to file an official complaint against the individual mentioned and other actors in this matter with the title of forgery and betrayal of trust, as the custodian of the Imam Khomeini Seminary and as a citizen, without considering the criminal and political-social titles, so that the dimensions of this issue become clear and transparent for the general public, especially the believers in Iran.


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