My lawyer Farzaneh Ghorehasanloo has faced restrictions on contacting and meeting me due to sending a New Year’s greeting message

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My lawyer Farzaneh Ghorehasanloo has faced restrictions on contacting and meeting me due to sending a New Year's greeting message

My lawyer, Farzaneh Qarahasanlu, has been banned from contacting and meeting me because she sent a New Year’s greeting message.

Mohsen Biyat, the lawyer of Farzaneh Qarahasanlu, told Shargh News that his client has been banned from contacting for two weeks and from meeting for three months because she published a voice message of Eid greetings from Mashhad prison.

In this audio file, Mrs. Qarahasanlu had mentioned that her children have been unjustly separated from their parents for a year and a half. She had repeatedly proven that unjust suffering brings relief. Mrs. Qarahasanlu had mentioned her exile and her husband’s, saying, ‘We are hundreds of kilometers apart from each other and from our children.’

Mohsen Biyat has requested judicial authorities to understand this wrongful decision and take action to uphold the rights of his client and lift the ban.

Mr. Biyat also explains the health condition of Mrs. Qarahasanlu, stating that on 20 Dey, she was transferred to a hospital in Mashhad for surgery to remove a tumor in her chest, but despite the explicit medical advice, she was returned to prison after three days.

Mr. Bayat explains that even though the legal medical leave had been prescribed for Ms. Gharahasanloo for two months, the correspondence between officials of Mashhad and Karaj prisons took so long that in the end they said the two-month legal medical leave opportunity had ended and there was no longer a need for her to be sent on leave.


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