Lawyer Tomaj Salehi represented in the court case of 1401 in Isfahan

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Lawyer Tomaj Salehi represented in the court case of 1401 in Isfahan

Attorney Tomaj Salehi attended the court hearing of Tomaj Salehi’s case in Isfahan in the year 1401.

Mustafa Nili, a judiciary lawyer, wrote on the social media platform X on Thursday, 30 Farvardin, that in this session, based on the judges’ opinion, two new charges of public disturbance and conspiracy, as well as aiding in rebellion, were added to the previous charges.

Mr. Nili further stated that we must wait for the decision of the branch judges and the announcement of the verdict after obtaining the final defense.

Rebellion means armed uprising against the system, and according to Islamic Penal Law, if someone engages in armed rebellion against the system, they will be sentenced to death.

Tomaj Salehi, a rapper and former prisoner, was released on bail on 27 Aban this year after enduring 252 days of solitary confinement and a total of one year and 21 days in prison. However, just 12 days later, after a video detailing his torture in prison was released, he was rearrested.


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