Lawyer Tumaj Salehi sentenced Tumaj Salehi to death by the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan

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Lawyer Tumaj Salehi sentenced Tumaj Salehi to death by the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan

The lawyer, Tomaj Salehi, was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan.

Amir Reisian, a judicial attorney, in an interview with Shargh Network, referring to the issuance of the verdict for Tomaj Salehi, a detained singer in Iran, by the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan, stated that Branch One of the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan, in an unprecedented move, did not enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling on the case of Tomaj Salehi from the year 1401, and, through reading this verdict with guidance and emphasizing the independence of the court, sentenced Tomaj Salehi to the harshest punishment, which is execution, on charges of corruption on earth.

He continued, the Isfahan Revolutionary Court considered Mr. Salehi’s charges of assisting in an illegal gathering, inciting against the regime, and inviting to riot as instances of corruption on earth under Article 286 of the Penal Code and issued a death sentence. Interestingly, this same branch had not previously confirmed the extent of corruption on earth charges. What’s even more peculiar is that the court also considered an additional supplementary death penalty and sentenced Toumaj Salehi to 2 years of travel ban, 2 years of prohibition from artistic activities, and participation in behavioral management and skill classes at the Isfahan Judiciary Knowledge Center. This court has also deemed the suspended sentence for Toumaj Salehi enforceable.

He stated that we will definitely object to the ruling issued for Tomaj Salehi, by pointing out that the ruling of the lower court has legal contradictions, conflicting with the ruling of the Supreme Court. The most important and at the same time the strangest part of this ruling is that the lower court considered the ruling of the Supreme Court in a corrective manner, where the Supreme Court had reviewed Tomaj Salehi’s case as the appellate authority, corrected the flaws in the ruling given by the lower court, and emphasized that considering two punishments for one act, the charges against Tomaj Salehi should be reduced from 6 to 3. The Supreme Court had also emphasized that Tomaj Salehi’s case would be subject to the declared amnesty. However, not only did these events not happen, but new charges have been added to Tomaj Salehi’s case, and he has been sentenced to a harsher punishment.

Raisian stated that all the news published about Tomaj Salehi’s amnesty and reduction in his sentence are lies.


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