Masoud Pezeshkian: Today, in the parliament, the priority is the issue of hijab for some people

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Masoud Pezeshkian: Today, in the parliament, the priority is the issue of hijab for some people

Masoud Pezeshkian today in the parliament prioritized the issue of hijab for some people.

The term ‘Gosht Ershad’ is two words that have been trending in the virtual space today, and the discussion and criticism of this issue are not only heated in the virtual space but also in every gathering and place.

In this regard, Masoud Pezeshkian, the current representative of Tabriz and the elected member of the future parliament, said that forcing and the current approach we are taking will have the opposite result. The principle that hijab must be observed is one thing, but how to convey this message is another principle. These ladies and women had control over themselves; the system had control over the media, clerics, schools, teachers, radio, and we couldn’t educate them properly. Now we want to force them to do it right. In my opinion, it is not feasible. Some women do not have a problem with religion and faith; they just want to live this way. But these actions will make them have problems with religion and faith and confront the belief they have with resistance.

Doctors, in response to the perception that people today believe the top priority of the parliament is the issue of hijab and chastity, said that today in the parliament the priority and perspective of some individuals is indeed on this issue. But we must ask these same individuals, whom we have educated, why have they reached this point? Wasn’t the education in our hands? How did people become like this with what kind of training? Instead of criticizing and evaluating ourselves and seeing where the problem was, we are faced with individuals who are the product of the education of schools and our media.


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