My daughter’s mother, Shani Luke, is no longer alive

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My daughter's mother, Shani Luke, is no longer alive

Shani Luke’s mother said that her daughter is no longer alive.

Ricarda Luke, the mother of Shani Luke, a 22-year-old German-Israeli citizen who was abducted during the Hamas attack, said that her daughter is no longer alive.

Shani Luke’s mother, in an interview with the German news agency and also the German news network NTV, said, unfortunately, we received this news yesterday that our daughter is no longer alive.

Ricarda Luke added that the Israeli army informed her about the death of her daughter, although Shani Luke’s death has not been officially confirmed.

She said that although her daughter’s body has not been found yet, Israeli forces have found fragments of her skull and conducted forensic tests to identify them.

Shani Luke’s parents had previously provided the necessary materials for these tests and DNA comparison to Israel.


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