The non-operational defense organization identified and neutralized the attacker’s malware attack on fuel stations, but the perpetrators were not identified.

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The non-operational defense organization identified and neutralized the attacker's malware attack on fuel stations, but the perpetrators were not identified.

The non-military defense organization identified and neutralized the attacking malware on fuel stations, but the perpetrators remain unidentified.

The non-military defense organization has published a detailed report on the cyber attack on the intelligent fuel distribution system and the shutdown of gas pumps in Iran on Monday, 27th of Azar. The organization stated that it has sent this report to judicial authorities.

The confirmed cyber attack, which was published by Iranian media outlets, was identified and neutralized by the attacking APT malware. This malware had exploited a network vulnerability to infiltrate and plant malicious agents in the system.

However, the non-military defense organization has stated that it requires further digital evidence to determine the affiliation of this malware to a specific group or government.

According to the non-military defense organization’s report, approximately 3,800 fuel stations out of a total of 4,396 stations across Iran experienced disruptions through cyber infiltration in the IPC system on the morning of Monday, 27th of Azar. Their operation could not continue through fuel cards.

The Non-Operational Defense Organization stated in this report that in 1399, it warned the Iranian Ministry of Oil about the insecure connection of multiple systems and networks to the intelligent fuel system as one of the most significant vulnerabilities. It emphasized that the fuel network and the payment and receipt network are directly responsible for accountability.

A hacker group calling themselves the Sparrow Hawk immediately claimed responsibility for hacking the fuel distribution systems in Iran.

In July 1401, this hacker group launched a cyber attack on a steel factory in Iran, which resulted in a widespread fire.


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