The owner of Cyrus Company was arrested, Colonel Kolanteri said they won’t escape

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The owner of Cyrus Company was arrested, Colonel Kolanteri said they won't escape

The owner of Kourosh Company has gone into hiding. Colonel Kalantari said they won’t escape.

Kourosh Company, which had claimed to sell a 20-million-dollar iPhone, is now closed and its owner is missing.

The Economic Crimes Police have confirmed this matter and are seeking to find this individual and seek justice for the victims.

To gain the trust of the people, this company also used famous sports and artistic figures for their advertisements.

Difficult economic conditions sometimes push citizens to resort to improper methods to collect more money. Exploitative individuals, using various techniques including famous scams like Ponzi schemes, collect money to offer cheap products. Kourosh Company is one clear example of this.

Asheri, one of the victims, described the current situation of the Kourosh Company. Yesterday morning, they packed up everything and left. Today, the owner placed a truck in front of the building and broke the Kourosh Company sign so that no letters remain. They have quickly put up a banner stating that this property does not belong to Kourosh Company and to file a complaint with the provided documents.

He continued by saying that I did not file a complaint against Cyrus Company, but the police cannot do anything when the head of the police station is present during the commotion and says that they cannot escape or go anywhere and we cannot seal their place. What he says is that our money will be returned with our complaint. The situation is ridiculous. Shirafyan, Goudarzi, Qarehdaghi, and celebrities have been complained against. They owe him amounts of 240 million and 600 million, and they have no way to pay.

He added that this same Cyrus Company used to say that I have no retirement and no passport, and I am not leaving Iran. But his photos have been published abroad, and his income is also from there. The memory of Qarehdaghi was one of the members, and he is not there either. The forms are left abandoned on the ground in the building’s location.


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