People in Cuba took to the streets in protest against power outages

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People in Cuba took to the streets in protest against power outages

People in Cuba took to the streets in protest against power cuts.

Hundreds of people in Santiago, the second largest city in Cuba, gathered in a rare protest and took to the streets.

Protesters are expressing their discontent over the recent wave of power outages and food shortages in the country.

In one of the videos circulating on social media, protesters can be seen chanting about electricity and food while being monitored by the police.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel stated in a social media post that the government has heard the voices of the protesters but also accused the United States of seeking to fuel unrest in the country.

Tensions in Cuba have escalated in recent weeks amid an economic crisis and high inflation.

The Cuban government blames the economic crisis on U.S. sanctions, but critics say mismanagement by the government is the reason for the current economic crisis.

This economic crisis is the worst in three decades in Cuba, and the government of this country was forced last month to request assistance from the UN World Food Program for the first time.


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