Purification without Retouching

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Purification without Retouching

Purification without retouching

The purification without retouching has been overlooked, and those who until recently spoke about the necessity of unity and reducing differences within the fundamentalist camp are now drawing clear lines of separation. They want to make it clear from today that they are not going to be placed under one list, and even if they are placed under one list, they will not receive significant shares. This noticeable division in the fundamentalist camp has become evident in recent election conferences and campaign events.

On one side, Haddad Adel stood alongside his two opponents, Qalibaf and Zakani, while on the other side, he gathered his supporters to both support Raeisi for the presidency and to draw a line for other fundamentalists. The Council of Unity also convened to boost the electoral campaign in Tehran.

The purification command room in the government

Regardless of what happened in all three sessions and the signals that each spectrum of fundamentalists sent to other spectra of fundamentalists, what caught the most attention was the statements made by Sadegh Mahsouli in the Front of Stability session and the confirmation by Morteza Aghatehrani in Mehr about the purification project of this front.

Sadegh Mohsoli, who was speaking from the position of the Secretary-General of the Sustainability Front in this gathering, quickly demanded that the government increase its speed in purifying itself, while defending the striking and eliminatory confrontations of his fellow thinkers. He explicitly stated that the government has weaknesses, the main one being that some individuals in the government, like the President himself, are not thinking and acting in a transformative manner, yet they still remain in the government. We expect and demand that the government quickly replace such individuals with efficient revolutionary forces, and not fall victim to diversions such as the accusation of purification. Unfortunately, today the word purification has become a code name for attacking decency and integrity.

The issue is about decency or purification.

The concept of deserving leadership should be based on the idea of intellectual sustainability, where the individual emphasizes this point by posing a question: why are some afraid of deserving leadership and choosing a more suitable and worthy person? During recent election cycles, they have repeatedly disrupted the unity process within the principled movement and moved towards factionalism, using the keyword ‘more suitable’ injected into this radical political organization by Mosbah Yazdi. Many dedicated revolutionaries have also been marginalized with the same perspective.

Based on this, deserving leadership should be referred to as the noble title and transformed into the concept of being more suitable, under which the same eliminatory thinking is supposed to continue and the purification process initiated in higher and middle management levels in various institutions should also reach lower levels. The command for this has been issued by the spectrum of government supporters.

In this electoral session, a product has labeled purification and considers it as a characteristic of this front. It states that we should not be afraid of labels such as purification and the like. Those who make these statements are contradictory. Sometimes they say that stability is nothing more than a bus, and sometimes they say that they have taken over the entire country.

This is happening while critics of this ideology have repeatedly emphasized that the number of extremists is not significant, but the power they possess due to their infiltration into key institutions of the system has become excessive and, of course, dangerous. The purifying and cleansing ideology pursued by this movement has moved in a direction that not only prevents reformists but also sees even moderate and centrist thinkers as obstacles, and they are striving to eliminate this spectrum of thought from official politics.

The footprint of Mr. Tehrani in purifying the parliament

If a project has been defined as a product at the forefront of the purifying movement to help the process of purification in the executive branch, Mr. Tehrani, the head of the Central Council of the purifying movement who is responsible for leading the purifying movement in parliament, has stamped his approval on his performance and that of his spectrum in the parliament. He has also unveiled this movement’s project for the upcoming elections. Without hesitation, he has defended the performance of the hardliners in the parliament in advancing initiatives such as safeguarding defense. However, the important point is that he has said, ‘If our population is larger in the parliament, we can work better.’ This is a meaningful and alarming statement about the projects of this radical spectrum for the future parliament.

He has proposed the idea of forming a revolutionary council that is more radical than the current parliament, while aligning himself with other hardline thinkers like Ra’eesi. He represents the purification of this movement, and the story goes that removing Qalibaf and his allies from the middle path of the parliament and the few reformists is the ideal that this front is pursuing.

It seems that part of this project has been pursued recently by executive bodies of the government, which have strong influences. The next phase of it is pressuring oversight institutions to join this purification project.


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