The Ban on iPhone Imports Behind the Scenes

دلیل اینکه واردات آیفون ۱۴ و ۱۵ به ایران ممنوع است، تکنولوژی آیفون نیست.

Saeed Aganji
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The Ban on iPhone Imports Behind the Scenes

The hidden reason behind the ban on iPhone imports

According to Iran Gate, the main reason why some officials oppose the import of iPhone 14 and 15 is not because of their internet connectivity technology. Recently, Mobile Mousavi, the former sponsor of Esteghlal football club, became the sponsor of this mobile store. The store paid 70 billion Tomans to advertise on the back of the team’s jerseys. However, this sponsorship caused a lot of controversy. Mehdi Mousavi, the manager of Mobile Mousavi, has smuggled a large number of iPhone 14 and 15 into the country, but after the ban on imports and their failure to be registered for sale, he has encountered problems.

The reason why the import of iPhone 14 and 15 is prohibited and not registered in the country is not solely due to their internet connectivity technology, as this feature also exists in Samsung mobile phones. The main reason for this ban is the Omrani Group, which is managed by Hassan Ali Omrani. The Omrani family was involved in exporting and importing agricultural tools, road construction, and shipbuilding to North Korea before they received the exclusive import rights for iPhones.

An infrastructure group imported over 4 million units of iPhone 13 to the country, but they faced customs clearance issues at Shahid Bahonar Customs in Bandar Abbas. Now that the political power is in the hands of a political entity close to the infrastructure group, they have hope for the clearance of more than 4 million units of iPhone 13. However, if iPhone 14 and 15 are imported and registered in the country, they will incur significant losses.


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