The Behind-the-Scenes of Temporary Marriages Starting from 400,000 Tomans per Hour

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The Behind-the-Scenes of Temporary Marriages Starting from 400,000 Tomans per Hour

Behind the scenes of temporary marriages starting from 400,000 tomans

The manager of the matchmaking channel was a 15-year-old boy

Lately, scams have been happening under the cover of these channels and matchmaking websites. When victims get involved, not only do they not receive any information about their temporary spouse, but their accounts also get emptied. The perpetrators are sometimes teenagers who set up these traps just to cover their entertainment expenses.

Meysam, a 43-year-old, is one of the victims of these criminals. He says, a while ago, out of unemployment, I joined a temporary marriage channel. After selecting the desired individuals, I messaged the channel admin who claimed that in order to talk to any of the women, I had to pay 100,000 tomans. I deposited 400,000 tomans into his account so that I could talk to the four women I had chosen to assess their situation.

The young man gave me four Instagram accounts and I started talking to them. I reached an agreement with one of them who claimed that I had to transfer the money before meeting. I transferred 25 million tomans to his account, but two days later, I got blocked.

However, among them, there are dozens of groups and channels on Telegram and Instagram that encourage people to deposit small amounts of money as an introduction fee, but after receiving the money, they do not respond and easily deceive the person by blocking them. Due to the small amount of money involved and fear of losing their reputation, the person decides not to file a complaint.

One of the large Telegram channels that is active in the field of temporary marriage claims to introduce individuals to you by sharing women’s information from different cities, with whom you can have a temporary marriage for a few hours to a few years. The published information for women includes different amounts ranging from 400,000 toman per hour to 15 million toman per night. In order to get acquainted, you must first deposit 300,000 toman to the admin, and after that, you will not receive any response from them.

Colonel Ali Mohammad Rajabi said that no matchmaking or friendship software has a license in our country, and mostly individuals who produce or operate under these software titles in the virtual space have malicious intentions and are scammers.


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