The Gaza War and the Silence of Ahmadinejad and Jalili

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The Gaza War and the Silence of Ahmadinejad and Jalili

The Gaza War and the silence of Ahmadinejad and Jalili

According to IranGate, more than 20 days have passed since the beginning of the Gaza War following Hamas’ attack on occupied territories, but there is still no news of any position taken by extremist figures like Ahmadinejad and Saeed Jalili. These are the faces that have been shouting against the Holocaust and showing hostility towards Israel in the past years, waving false flags. But now that the situation has escalated into war and conflict, not a single sound is heard from any of them.

The Gaza War has intensified under circumstances that many believe a near-future ceasefire is unimaginable for this conflict. The conditions are worsening and the number of casualties from both sides has exceeded 9,000, although Israel’s share of war casualties is less than 1,400. However, these figures are unprecedented for the parties involved in the conflict.

But the important point here is that despite the killing of over 8,000 Palestinians due to Israeli airstrikes and missile attacks, many well-known revolutionary figures and domestic extremists have not made the slightest statement condemning the Tel Aviv regime. What is the reason for the silence of prominent individuals like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Saeed Jalili regarding the Gaza War, and why is no voice heard from this movement?

From Guatemala to Velenjak

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad exactly went on a trip to Guatemala when there were only a few hours left until the start of Hamas semi-military attack on occupied territories. This trip was accompanied by many controversies and despite the opposition of security institutions and the historical pressure we have from Ahmadinejad, it was carried out. The purpose of this trip, which was ultimately not determined, and why security authorities allowed Ahmadinejad to jeopardize Iran’s interests, remains unclear.

He currently has multiple offices in Tehran, and Iran Gate has exposed corruption in Ahmadinejad’s Vali-Asr office. It is not clear why there has been no action taken against him and his anti-national activities, while corruption was taking place under the banner of the revolutionary government led by Raisi.

This unawareness comes at a time when during his presidency, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad incurred significant costs on the country by raising the issue of the Holocaust being a lie. These statements were made despite the opposition of many intellectuals in the country, and although there was animosity towards Israel, many of the most right-wing political movements in Israel saw Ahmadinejad as aligning with their interests.

As fate would have it, this situation also came true, and the ultra-right-wing government of Netanyahu took advantage of Ahmadinejad’s positions, making the situation for Palestinians even more difficult than ever before. Additionally, during Ahmadinejad’s time, Israel’s settlement construction in occupied territories increased unprecedentedly, and Israel was able to gain international consensus in support of its irregular settlements.

Only the JCPOA

To describe the political personality and public actions of Saeed Jalili, one can use the term anti-Americanism. During the past two years, when the government of Raisi came into power, he has not had any new ideas or statements except for opposing the JCPOA and chanting anti-Western slogans. However, the interesting point is that despite claiming to be a flagbearer of anti-Western sentiments, Jalili and his supporters have shown no reaction to Israel’s attack on Gaza and the killing of approximately 8,000 Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the issue of Israel remains one of the main catalysts of the anti-Western discourse known as stability, of which Saeed Jalili is one of its prominent figures. In fact, Jalili has taken advantage of a situation where any anti-Western political actor tries to exploit it as the best opportunity to promote their desired discourse. However, the actions of Jalili and his associates in this regard raise the question of whether they are truly defenders of the Palestinian people or if they have an unchanging belief that should be the focus of appointed activists in this movement.

Don’t drink Pepsi.

This heavy silence and burial of well-known super-revolutionary figures comes at a time when the state media and some media outlets appointed by this movement have begun accusing reformists. These days, in addition to condemning Israel without any reason, they have also opened the door to criticizing Hamas. Media faces of the third group, such as the host of Horizon network, who claimed that Coca-Cola and Pepsi, which are produced in Iran, belong to Jews and should not be bought or sold, have taken on the flag of Takfiri and the middle group and the reformists.

But as Mohammad Javad Zarif said in the program ‘To the Horizon of Palestine’ on Ofogh network, it is better for us to criticize ourselves and be compassionate towards others. It is important for the ultra-revolutionaries to consider why they have not yet succeeded in getting any of their influential figures, including Ahmadinejad and Jalili, to condemn the Israeli regime in front of the camera, especially when almost all political factions in the country, both right and left, are concerned about the ongoing tragedy in the Gaza Strip.


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