The leader of the Islamic Republic calls for the participation of virtues in the elections

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The leader of the Islamic Republic calls for the participation of virtues in the elections

The President of the Islamic Republic is calling for the participation of elites in the elections.

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic, has requested the involvement of elites in what he referred to as lively elections during a meeting with a number of Iranian military commanders. He stated that this action would enhance national credibility.

In the official discourse of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the term ‘elites’ refers to trusted individuals of the government and those close to it.

Mr. Khamenei has stated that the neglect of elites in their duty will result in heavy historical blows to the nation.

He has also mentioned that the enemy’s front has plans to prevent the acceleration of elites’ role in society and to create doubt and delay among them, which is the enemy’s most important plan.

The twelfth round of elections for the Islamic Consultative Assembly, which will be held concurrently with the Assembly of Experts elections, is scheduled to take place in less than a month, on February 29th.

Some political parties and groups within Iran, including non-governmental media outlets, have predicted a lukewarm reception to these elections.

The demand for diverse political orientations to participate in the electoral competitions for both assemblies has been reported to be lower compared to previous rounds. However, disqualification by the Guardian Council among the current applicants has also been noticeable.

One of the qualifications of former President Hassan Rouhani for the Assembly of Experts elections was not approved.

This is the first election in Iran after the bloody suppression of nationwide protests last year.


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