The prevalence of ATM theft with explosives in Germany

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The prevalence of ATM theft with explosives in Germany

Rampant ATM Robbery with Explosives in Germany

Thieves in the city of Aiterfeld in central Germany used explosives to destroy an ATM machine at a bank overnight and set the bank building on fire.

During the incident, which occurred around 2 am on the second of February, the bank building caught fire as a result of deliberate explosion, and the thieves were able to escape. The police have not yet been able to find the thieves.

Last night, residents of the neighborhood first heard the sound of two loud explosions, and then the bank’s alarm system went off. Witnesses from their house windows saw two or three individuals who were possibly the perpetrators fleeing in a vehicle at high speed. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire in the two-story bank building in time, so no one was harmed.

The police have estimated the damage caused by the thieves’ attack to be at least 600,000 euros, but it is not mentioned whether the thieves were successful in taking any money or not.


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