The warning of the Islamic Republic newspaper: Taliban is Israel’s second, do not allow it to take root

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The warning of the Islamic Republic newspaper: Taliban is Israel's second, do not allow it to take root

The Islamic Republic newspaper’s warning is the second time that Taliban-Israel collaboration is mentioned. Do not allow it to take root.

The Islamic Republic newspaper wrote about the intelligence cooperation between the Taliban and Iran, stating that this cooperation was able to thwart a Mossad drone attack in the eastern part of the country. This news was brought up a while ago, coinciding with the visit of a self-proclaimed Taliban government delegation from Afghanistan to Tehran, but the media did not take it seriously.

The news was that in a joint operation between Iran and the Taliban, three Mossad agents with Iranian nationality were arrested in mountainous areas between the two countries. These three Mossad agents intended to launch suicide drones from the Afghanistan border towards targets in Iran.

The Taliban are a racist group whose actions include ethnic cleansing in Afghanistan. During their rule in Afghanistan, they vigorously and swiftly sought to eradicate non-Pashtun ethnic groups, and they are determined to continue this crime of ethnic homogenization in the country. The Taliban are exactly like Israel in terms of racism and terrorism, and they never take any action against them.


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