Water expert finds a solution for water conservation

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Water expert finds a solution for water conservation

The country’s water expert has found a solution to water scarcity.

Mohammad Darvish, an expert in water and environmental issues, announced that the drought rate in Tehran is 31%, which is better than the country’s average of 10%. Although Tehran receives 90 millimeters of rainfall and should have 130 millimeters, it has received 40 millimeters less than the average. However, with the rainfall expected in the coming days, there is hope that the problem will be resolved.

He stated that the drought situation in Alborz province is 30%, and in Hamedan, Semnan, Kermanshah, Gilan, and Kurdistan, it is below 27%. With the rainfall starting today, it is easily possible to compensate for this rate. However, it cannot be predicted that we will transition from a drought period to a rainy period, and our situation will not return to normal. But fortunately, we have managed to overcome the very dry conditions we experienced in the fall and the concerns that water rationing may be necessary in most parts of the country. With a little management, we can also get through the summer of next year.


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