The Way Hamas Infiltrated Israeli Territory Has Been Revealed

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The Way Hamas Infiltrated Israeli Territory Has Been Revealed

How Hamas infiltrated Israeli territory has been revealed

The method of Hamas’ infiltration into Israeli territory was revealed, according to Iran Gate. Operation Aqsa Storm was carried out on October 7th under circumstances that had raised many doubts about its implementation. Recently, a report has been published that describes how Hamas forces infiltrated Israeli territory and crossed the advanced smart wall between Gaza and the occupied territories.

Four days after the execution of Operation Aqsa Storm, the famous Washington Post published a report detailing how Hamas crossed the border between Gaza and the occupied territories. The Iran Gate team has translated this report and also included images of the progress of this operation.

An incredible operation

Operation Aqsa Storm was carried out under conditions where crossing the security system of the barrier wall in southern Israel and the border with Gaza was previously deemed impossible. The extensive and complex attack by Gaza’s semi-military forces on Israel’s government and army on Saturday night left Israelis astonished. On October 7th, 2023, Israelis were horrified to witness the passage of Hamas forces through one of the most advanced security systems in the world.

As of the moment of preparing this report on October 11, 2023, at least 900 Israeli citizens have been killed, over 100 captured, and more than 2,600 injured according to Palestinian authorities. They claim that Israel has killed at least 680 people through airstrikes on Gaza. However, published reports indicate a continuing trend of increasing casualties from both sides in this conflict.

The Iron Wall

The Israeli government announced in 2021 the completion of an intelligent fence project along the border between the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip in southern Israel. This wall, which is 40 miles long, stretches along the Gaza Strip and includes an underground concrete barrier throughout its length.

نحوه نفوذ حماس به خاک اسرائیل مشخص شد
نحوه نفوذ حماس به خاک اسرائیل مشخص شد

The construction of this intelligent wall began in 2016 after Hamas used underground tunnels to attack Israeli forces during the 2014 war. According to Reuters, the construction of this wall required over 140,000 tons of iron and steel, the installation of hundreds of radar cameras and sensors, and imposed a heavy financial burden on the Israeli government. On the occupied territory side, watchtowers and sand hills were installed to monitor threats and reduce the speed of potential attackers.

In 2021, Benny Gantz, the former Minister of Defense of Israel, also stated that this barrier has created a powerful iron wall between Hamas and southern Israel. This intelligent barrier, which separates Israel from Gaza, is equipped with advanced technology designed to identify any security movements on both sides of the barrier. It is for this reason that the infiltration of Hamas semi-militants through this barrier has surprised and puzzled Israeli experts and statesmen.

The Way Hamas Infiltrated Israeli Territory Has Been Revealed

The perimeter fence of Israel and access to the restricted area

However, on Saturday, October 7, 2023, a surprising operation by Hamas semi-militants allowed hundreds of people to cross the world’s largest intelligent wall. According to the Israeli army, the iron wall was destroyed in a total of 29 points, providing a way for the semi-militants to enter Israeli-occupied territories. Although Israeli watchtowers were positioned every 500 feet along the wall, it seemed that the fighter jets encountered little resistance.

The Way Hamas Infiltrated Israeli Territory Has Been Revealed

The Washington Post has depicted the stages of the operation to cross the intelligent wall in southern Israel in a report prepared in collaboration with some research institutions.

Phase one: Entry of drones

According to reports from military think tanks and the Israeli army, Hamas used drones to target observation towers in this operation. However, this attack was not limited to just striking the observation towers. The drones also targeted Israeli communication infrastructure and weapon systems along the border between the occupied territories and the Gaza Strip.

The second stage involved missile launches and human attacks.

The Israeli army stated that on October 7th, Hamas launched over 3,000 missiles into Israeli airspace, some of which reached Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Alongside the destruction of the observation towers, Hamas also carried out simultaneous attacks using a large number of paragliders and individual kites.

The Way Hamas Infiltrated Israeli Territory Has Been Revealed

It has been reported that some of these 3,000 missiles bypassed the Iron Dome missile defense system and landed on Israeli soil. Hamas managed to inflict serious damage on both military and non-military targets in various parts of the country by breaching the Iron Dome.

Furthermore, in this stage, over 300 Hamas militants successfully crossed the intelligent fence in the northern Gaza Strip using various means, including paragliders and kites.

The third stage involved explosions along the fence.

In addition, Hamas militants have successfully breached the barrier by detonating various explosive materials in certain sections of the fortified wall. At this stage, the main ground forces of Hamas, consisting mostly of semi-militant personnel, have managed to cross the iron wall and enter Israeli territories. These forces, riding motorcycles, have passed through Israeli army positions in the occupied territories and carried out operations in southern Israel.

Furthermore, aerial footage has been released showing semi-militants climbing up damaged parts of the wall. However, it has been stated that none of these actions were possible without precise execution of drone attacks by Hamas. In these drone attacks, a significant portion of the security and defense system of this intelligent barrier has been rendered ineffective.

The fourth stage becomes even more intense.

After the entry of Hamas motorcyclists into the occupied territories, it was now time for the foot soldiers of this Palestinian opposition group to enter southern Israeli territories. Therefore, bulldozers completed the remaining work and created sufficient space for the passage of various vehicles as well as foot soldiers on a large scale.

Images of bulldozers attacking the Israeli smart fence have also been released, accompanied by the assault of quasi-military forces. However, many experts believe that causing an explosion and even destroying the security system of this advanced wall could not have provided the grounds for bulldozers to demolish the wall.

Source: The Washington Post

Because the army could easily target these positions and switch from a defensive to an offensive phase. However, evidence indicates that the Israeli military forces were caught off guard to such an extent that coordination within the army was lost for hours, and even Hamas quasi-military forces took full advantage of this surprise.


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