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New record for the price of gold and dollar in Iran

New Record for Gold Coin and Dollar Prices in IranOn the first

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The newspaper of the Islamic Republic states that Iran’s economic problems do not have an economic solution

The Islamic Republic newspaper states that Iran's economic problems have no economic

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Dollar hits a record high and reaches 61,300 tomans

The dollar hit a record high and reached 61,300 tomans.With the end

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A satire of Hemmati to President Raisi for thanking each other for 42% inflation

Critics sarcastically thank President Raisi's government for the 42% inflation.Abdolnasser Hemati, in

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The labor crisis and hunger of Iranian workers have changed the workers’ livelihood basket

The labor crisis and workers' hunger in Iran have changed the workers'

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Reports of staggering inflation in Iran, the cost of acquiring seven items half a million

Reports of staggering inflation in Iran indicate the cost of purchasing essential

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Bitcoin Registers Record High of Over $70,000

Bitcoin reached a record high of over $70,000.Bitcoin quickly hit a record

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What’s wrong with having our own FATF

What's wrong with us having our own FATF?The head of the Central

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Nasser Seyyedi, an individual close to Babak Zanjani, was arrested.

Nasser Seyyedi, an individual close to Babak Zanjani, was arrested. Nasser Seyyedi,

Saeed Aganji Saeed Aganji

Per Capita Consumption of Red Meat Halved for Iranian Citizens

Per capita consumption of red meat by Iranian citizens has halved.According to

Saman Bahmani Saman Bahmani