A New Trump Phenomenon in the Elephant Race

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A New Trump Phenomenon in the Elephant Race

Trump’s new move in the race

According to Iran Gate report, former US President Trump’s chances of leading the Republican Party have increased. Despite all the legal issues, he can still lead the Republican Party. The latest poll shows that the former president has 54% support, while his closest rival within the same party, Ron DeSantis, seems to be struggling with his campaign, as he only has 17% support. This is happening while Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is preparing to present an indictment in her investigation into Donald Trump’s election fraud.

At the same time in Washington, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith has attempted to dismiss the allegations of sabotage and conspiracy to invalidate the legitimate results of the 2024 elections. He has added these allegations to his indictment, which previously included 40 classified document preservation cases brought up by the former president.

Trump is currently facing 34 charges in New York for paying money to porn actress Stormy Daniels. He has also recently been accused of sexual misconduct and defamation against writer Jean Carroll, and was sentenced to pay $5 million. According to the judge, Carroll was able to prove that Trump assaulted her. Meanwhile, the lawsuit regarding Trump’s business affairs continues.

However, with one month left until the first preliminary intra-party presidential debate, Trump’s dominance in the field is increasing according to every poll. On Monday, the first 2024 poll from The New York Times and Siena College showed 54% support for Donald Trump. His closest rival, Rand Desantis, former vice president, had only 17% of the votes, and no one else, including Mike Pence, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley, had more than 3%.

It seems that the far-right extremist descentist campaign is significantly declining and heading towards destruction. Trump has dominance over the early voting states and is ahead of the Florida governor by more than 30 points on average. Trump, who is currently facing trial, denies the allegations and claims that their intention is to politically harass and torture him, which has been going on for years and never ends. His campaign claims that even if Trump is convicted, they will not abandon him.

Trump called for Republican support for the impeachment of Joe Biden due to corruption allegations against Hunter Biden, the president’s son. He stated in a rally in Pennsylvania last Sunday that any Republican who does not react to Democrat fraud should immediately leave. He further added that if they are not willing to do so, we have many strong and determined Republicans around us who will confront them, and the people will be victorious.

Trump called for Republican support to impeach Joe Biden due to corruption allegations against Hunter Biden, the son of the president. He said this at a rally in Pennsylvania last Sunday, stating that any Republican who does not react to Democratic fraud should immediately leave. He further added that if they are not willing to do this, we have many strong and determined Republicans around us who will confront them, and the people will be victorious.

In Pennsylvania, Trump demanded that aid to Ukraine be conditioned on White House cooperation with investigations into Hunter Biden. Trump’s first impeachment was for obstructing aid to Ukraine in the fight against Russia, in an effort to uncover the Bidens’ scandals and corruption. Peter Baker, a senior reporter for The New York Times, said that Trump’s request is to deny the existing conditions, just as he did in 2019.

In that impeachment, Trump was acquitted when Republican senators remained loyal and Mitt Romney from Utah was the only Republican to vote for conviction. Trump was successful in his second impeachment as well, due to the incitement of a deadly attack on Congress on January 6, 2021, despite 10 Republican representatives and seven senators voting for conviction.

In Fulton County, the district attorney seems confident in overturning the election results and Biden’s victory due to an alleged conspiracy. In a conversation with one of CNN’s affiliates, he stated that he is committed to making significant decisions regarding the election investigation, specifically for the American people and, more importantly, for the citizens of Fulton County. He intends to complete this task before September 1st, and he remains dedicated to this commitment. Progress has been made in this regard.

We have been working on this case for two and a half years, and now we are ready to proceed. Willis emphasized that he believes the police should take strict measures to ensure the safety of the courthouse. He is not willing to expose any of the employees or individuals coming to the courthouse to harm.

On Monday in Georgia, a judge rejected the efforts of Trump’s lawyers to prevent the use of grand jury reports in legal proceedings and to remove Willis from the case. On Sunday, Asa Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas and a prominent Republican, told CBS that a Trump pardon would be inappropriate and incorrect.

Michael Cohen, former lawyer of Trump who went to prison and then criticized Trump, told MSNBC that Trump’s nomination is a real threat to the nation. Cohen, quoting Trump’s address to his supporters, said, ‘I am your protection. They accuse me, but I am the one standing between you and them.’ Cohen said these statements are exactly from my battle, Mein Kampf, a book written by Adolf Hitler. This book represents Hitler’s political ideas and National Socialism, which Donald Trump used to keep it on his bedside table before.

In 1990, Vanity Fair magazine wrote that Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches next to his bed, and in response, Trump told the magazine that the book is Hitler’s autobiography. However, the friend who gave him the book claimed that it was a book of Hitler’s speeches. Cohen adds that this is not a joke, and anyone who thinks for a moment has no chance of winning Trump. I say that a very large crowd participated in the rally in Pennsylvania.

Trump is in the process of breaking the descent.

Despite being accused twice, the former president is leading in almost all categories and regions because his initial voters dismiss concerns about his increasing legal risks. According to The New York Times, former President Donald Trump holds a significant advantage over his intra-party rivals for the presidential nomination and, according to a College Sienna poll from his 2024 campaign, he is the frontrunner among potential Republican primary voters with 37% nationally, closely followed by his closest intra-party rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Surveys show that Mr. Trump has significant advantages in almost all demographic and ideological groups within the party. He is leading among both male and female voters, young and elderly voters, moderates and conservatives, those with and without a college education, as well as in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

These surveys indicate that some of Governor DeSantis’s key arguments in the electoral battles, claiming that he is a better choice than Trump and would govern more effectively, have not been successful so far, even among Republicans who are motivated by specific concerns such as combating radical woke ideology and have rallied behind DeSantis. They remain supporters of Trump.

In total, Donald Trump received 54% to 17% of the support in this poll, with no other candidate receiving more than 3%. Behind these figures, there were other grim signs for Trump. He displayed his weakest performance among some of the largest and most influential Republican electoral districts. Republicans, who describe themselves as very conservative, supported Trump by a margin of 50% to 15%.

Currently, no serious contender has emerged other than Florida Governor DeSantis. Mike Pence, former Vice President, Nikki Haley, former UN Ambassador, and Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina each received 3% of voter support.

According to these polls, even if all those candidates disappear and DeSantis hypothetically competes against Trump, he would still lose by a margin of two to one, with 62% to 31%. It is worth mentioning that in general election polls, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck and neck.

These polls are less than six months away from the primary competitions within the party between candidates and debates, in a period of volatile and tense politics in America, despite Trump’s legal issues and trials that may overlap with the preliminary season of the competitions. It can create an unpredictable and thrilling game.

However, it currently appears that Donald Trump aligns and coordinates with the spirit of Republican voters, 89% of whom see the country on the wrong path, as well as the desires and positions of Republicans to drag the war towards the Democrats.

Declaration of war from Trump via Twitter

A judge rejects the motion of Trump’s legal team to extend the deadline in the election subversion case due to a dispute over the protective order.


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