Four Senate Competitions Have Increased Republican Hopes

Alireza Sarfarazi
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Four Senate Competitions Have Increased Republican Hopes

The four Senate races have increased the hopes of the Republicans.

There are five days left until the end of the 2022 US elections, and the Republicans are hopeful of gaining control of the House of Representatives. Now, the Senate races have become so close in several states that experts are talking about the possibility of a strange combination in the future Senate, even with a majority of 52 or 53 senators.

The competition in Pennsylvania has become serious. The goal of the Democrats is to win the seat left vacant by the retirement of the Republican senator. They aim to turn a red Senate seat blue.

Fetterman, whose health status is closely scrutinized after a stroke, is currently losing his lead in the polls. His chances of victory are still serious, but the danger is increasing day by day.

In Georgia, Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democrat, does not have a favorable position against his strange and peculiar Republican opponent, Herschel Walker. The scandals and revelations of Walker’s illicit relationships, pregnancies, and abortions with women he has been involved with have not had any impact on voters, and Walker’s growth in the polls continues.

In the state of Nevada, Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is facing strange circumstances. As the first Latina senator from this state in the history of America, she has become a captive of the Latinx backlash against Democrats, and her superiority among them has significantly diminished.

چهار ایالتی که در هفته آخر به آنها با نگاه تازه می نگریم
چهار ایالتی که در هفته آخر به آنها با نگاه تازه می نگریم

The situation of price growth, especially the price of gasoline, which is important for a state like Nevada, along with the mental history of voters due to the COVID-19 lockdowns that seriously affected Nevada’s businesses and tourism, has made it difficult for Democrats in this state.

The situation for Democrats in Arizona seemed favorable for keeping Senator Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate. She is still ahead of her opponent, Mark Kelly, in the polls as a famous astronaut and moderate politician. However, the danger has been increasing day by day, and in the last week, a serious blow was dealt to her campaign.

The independent rival of the Republican and Democratic candidates has withdrawn from the competition and called on voters to support the Republican candidate. It is unfortunate that Senator Kelly, who is an knowledgeable and experienced individual among Democratic senators, has been put in such a predicament.

The campaign situation for Republicans in Senate races has greatly improved. They have increased their chances of retaining their seat in Pennsylvania and also have a serious opportunity to occupy three Democratic seats.


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