Bank Embezzler under the Robe of the Deputy Chief of the Judiciary

رستمی صفا یکی از بزرگترین ابربدهکاران بانکی تحت حمایت فرزندان معاون اول قوه قضاییه بود

Saeed Aganji
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Bank Embezzler under the Robe of the Deputy Chief of the Judiciary

A major bank embezzler under the guise of the Deputy Chief of the Judiciary

According to Iran Gate News, Mohammad Sadegh Mosaddegh and Amirhossein Mosaddegh, the sons of Mohammad Mosaddegh, the Deputy Chief of the Judiciary, have been arrested on charges of embezzlement and security issues. This news was first published by Iran Gate. Many individuals are mentioned in this case, including Mohammad Rostami Safa, one of the biggest bank embezzlers. Rostami Safa has been involved in more than fifty corruption cases, with the involvement of Mohammad Mosaddegh’s sons and Abolfazl Ziaei, a former official of the Judiciary who handled Rostami Safa’s legal affairs.

Individuals or organizations who were not willing to cooperate were targeted by the Ziaei infiltration gang within the protection of the Judiciary, and they were forced to collaborate in the cases. The documents obtained by Iran Gate include all of Rostami Safa’s cases, which have been concluded by his accomplices, as well as several ongoing major cases.

Rostami Safa had taken nearly 9 trillion tomans out of Iran, but after being arrested, he was forced to return 5 trillion of that money. He had purchased a portion of this money in a hotel in Switzerland worth 800 million euros. Soon, we will publish the documents and other evidence of this hotel.

The corrupt relationship between the economic thugs and the powerful elites has become a disgraceful tradition for the economy of the Islamic Republic, where the white-collar offspring, protected by the security of their fathers’ boots and the stars on their shoulders, or the clergy offspring who have no corruption under their father’s cloak, are exempted.


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Saeed Aganji is a journalist and researcher specializing in Iranian affairs. He has served as the editor-in-chief of the student journal "Saba" and was a member of the editorial board of the newspaper "Tahlil Rooz" in Shiraz, which had its license revoked in 2009.